2nd Day Crush Album: 2nd Day Crush: 624
Street Date: 2005
Length: 20:33
Rating: 35
From: Los Angeles, CA
Reviewed by: Kevin
Official Site:

1. The Victim - The indie rock sound comes through strong right from the start. I can't say it's the best song on the disc, but it offers an excellent introduction to 2nd Day Crush. The hook on the song is the most memorable, "You were someone so undeniable, a promise of something so unforgetable. But your illusion is over now, so send in the clowns a victim's going down."

2. The Show - The vocals instantly reminded me of Ed Kowalczyk from the band Live. It's something that continues throughout the album. "The image in your mind brings you to your knees. You beg for an end you cry for your needs." That lyric stood out the most to me.

3. You Give Yourself Away - The pace of the song makes it feel quite different from any of the others on the album. The emotional feel brought on by the lyrics will strike a nerve with many listeners.

4. It's Not Me - A great bass line opens the song. Even though the song has a faster tempo, its not a heavy track. "You should've been everything to me. But now everything's wrong"

5. Sometimes - A slow tempo track. "Sometimes" is a story about a woman trying to find the strength to get away.

6. Something Now - "Something now has got to go right" A midtempo track, it's one of the better songs on the album.

The EP is self-produced so you know that the sound on the album is exactly what the band had in mind. Several tracks really stand out. "You Give Yourself Away" is worth listening to a few times over again. "Sometimes" being the slower paced song gives you a different perspective of the band. "The Victim" is the only track that I felt really fell short. The other tracks step up the quality much more. For more information visit & MySpace Music.

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