What does the EarlyBuzz tag mean?
These are new albums that we have heard about and will be reviewing as soon as we can. Because we have not heard the album yet, this does not mean it will be a good album. It just means that you can expect to see a review of that album in the near future.

What does "THE BUZZ ON" box mean?
These are reviews picked by the editorial staff of albums that we highly recommend. On average a BUZZ ON spotlight review will be up on the box for 2 weeks. This time span can be longer or shorter depending on the number of reviews we have coming in during a given week.

What is IndieBuzz and what does the IndieBuzz tag mean?
When an album from an unsigned or independent band is reviewed, it goes in the IndieBuzz section. The best of those albums (that receive 3.5 or 4 stars) receive the IndieBuzz tag.

Is ad space for sale?
No. Currently all ads on the site are selected and endorsed by the staff of AlbumBuzz. Most of the time the ads are for artists featured (or soon to be featured) on AlbumBuzz that we highly recommend.

How do you decide what to review?
We try to review all new music we come across. But due to time and music availability, reviews tend to come in waves.

I have a CD I want to promote, will AlbumBuzz review it?
First read through the CRITERIA page, then you can CONTACT us about reviewing it. We reserve the right to decline your review request. We have a great respect for the creative process, so if you try to submit a CD to us that no one on our staff can find anything redeeming about, we will more than likely decline the review rather than tear your album to shreds.

Can I voice an opinion about content on the site?
Yes, feel free to use the CONTACT page.

Who can review?
We have a core staff of reviewers. However we do accept outside reviews now too. If you would like to post a review SUBMIT A REVIEW. Not all reviews will be posted, this is at the discression of the editorial staff. A list of our regular reviewers can be seen on the STAFF page and you can contact any of them through the CONTACT page. Site operations are over seen by Kevin (Managing Editor) & Katia (Administrator).

Can I link to this site?
Yes, by all means. You can link to either the main site ( or to any review of your choice. There is a small button you can feel free to use as well:
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