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Artist & Album Title
Street Date, this is for the US domestic market unless otherwise noted in the review.
Length, important to tell the reader how many minutes they get for their money.
Rating, a 4 star system based from factors which are: Vocals, Instrumentals, Lyrics, Production (over all impression). Exceptions are made for example when there is an instrumental album, just because it has no lyrics or vocals does not mean it will only get 1 star.
1star = Don't bother, not worth your time.
2stars = Decent album, but could have been better.
3stars = A solid album, good quality. Get your money's worth.
4stars = A must buy album! Nearly flawless.
A link to the artist's official site. (if possible)
A link to purchase the album. (if possible)
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For most reviews we will try and touch on most of the tracks. How does it feel? Does it work vocally, instrumentally, and so on. Although there are some reviews that will be more abridged and to the point, foregoing the track-by-track. It will be up to the reviewer if the album will receive the full track-by-track review. Closing thoughts on the album will sum up the quality of the album, and whether or not it is worth your money.

For albums submitted to AlbumBuzz for review, we can not guarantee the album will receive a favorable review, what we do guarantee is that our review will be honest and fair. We do respect all musical talent; vocally, lyrically, instrumentally and each album is graded thusly.

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Arrows To Athens:
Kings & Thieves

4 Stars
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David Hodges