Album: 3 Faced: Married To The Wreckage
Street Date: February 14, 2007
Length: 14:03
Rating: 3.5stars
Reviewed by: Kevin

This album has been a long time coming. The band formed around 2005 and became a bit of a pet project for former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody. The band itself is fronted by Jade Russell with Patrick Kennison on lead guitars and backing vocals. Many of the songs almost have a duet mentality with the musical chemistry of both Jade & Patrick coming through on each track.

1. Till Death Do Us Part - This is a 53 second introduction track. It begins with a piano and builds up adding in elements of a choir and strings to epic levels which transition to the next track.

2. Heart Rages On - A hard rock track accented well by Patrick's vocals yelling on the chorus. It's not bad lyrically either. "Take this heart I don't need it anymore."

3. Found Myself - This is the band's first single. The DVD that accompanies this EP package includes a full professional music video for the song. Very catchy chorus. I can hear Ben's influence a lot on the song.

4. Edge Of Seventeen - A very nice hard rock twist on the Stevie Nicks classic. I like Stevie & Fleetwood quite a lot but I think I may actually prefer this version.

5. Down And Above - This is a slow tempo mostly acoustic track. The lyrics are quite bitter, I might even say too bitter for the music that goes with it.

With this EP you get a lot more than you first might think. The CD itself is only about 14 minutes long but also included is a well produced DVD which is equally as enjoyable as the CD. On the DVD first is the music video for "Found Myself" and also behind the scenes footage from shooting the video. What I enjoyed most of all was "Behind The Wreckage" an indepth look at recording the album. The process from the recording the drum tracks and bass, to the guitar layers, and finally the vocal tracks. Rounding out the DVD are 2 additional songs not on the EP. "I Am" performed live when they opened for Bon Jovi, and "Make Believe". The entire package is available through the official site for only $10. Believe me it's worth it.

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