Album: The Age Of Information: Everything Is Broken
Street Date: September 11, 2007
Length: 23:33
Rating: 4
From: Los Angeles, CA
Reviewed by: Andrew
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1. Knowledge - The song starts off with piano chords, a drum machine, and David singing "As I write this down, you are lost and I am found..." It immediately catches your attention with the first stanza before it leaps into heavy strings and guitars. Within the 30 seconds of the song it is obvious that The Age of Information will take you on a journey with their new, electronic rock sound.

2. Outside - Just piano, drums and David start this song as well. But this time it brings us into a powerful melody of desperation. David definitely shows us that he has grown as a vocalist and songwriter in this song. The lyrics are beautiful and the music is unique. The background vocals behind the chorus add so much to the emotion being portrayed. Overall just a great song.

3. Tell Her Something - When the song first starts, it sounds like an old Casio keyboard on Demo mode. But don't be fooled. This could easily be one of the most beautiful and emotional songs ever written. The song is basically written from the side of a person who's ended a relationship, but still cares about the others feelings. The beautiful strings and soaring vocals are sure to draw some tears.

4. Break Your Heart - Yeehaw! This one threw me for a loop at first. Davids southernness comes through in his vocals here. But it's definitely a great song as well. Somewhat reminiscent of the Trading Yesterday sound but very different in its own way.

5. Soma - I was not expecting an instrumental, but what a present surprise. Very epic. Love the drums and the piano is amazing. The song has a great grove to it and with a name like Soma I imagine a journey free of reality.

6. Falling Out of Love - My personal favorite on the CD. I love the distortion at the beginning with the piano and the drum machine. The lyrics are phenomenal and the melodies are beautiful. The first several times I didn't even really pay attention to the words and it still drew emotion from me. What a beautiful way to conclude this short preview of what's to come in the next year or so.

Great first release for The Age of Information.

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