Album: Tori Amos: The Beekeeper
Street Date: February 22, 2005
Length: 79:45
Rating: 3.5stars
Reviewed by: Renda

Tori Amos' album are always unique, and "The Beekeeper" does not disappoint. It is a great album for Tori fanatics and new fans alike.

1. Parasol - The CD starts out with this slow paced drum driven song. Tori's voice is amazing and ethereal in this song. As an individual song I really enjoy listening to this track. Many of the songs on the album do not stand well alone, however that is not the case with "Parasol". The whole album is full of strong visuals and intricately woven lyrics, and this song is very strong in both those categories.

2. Sweet the Sting - This song begs to be danced to and sung along with. With a very jazz feel and easy vocals, I really enjoy this song.

3. The Power of Orange Knickers - This song is a duet with Damien Rice. When I read the title of the song and heard the first few lines I thought to myself "Yeah right, you can't use the word knickers and petticoat and pull off a good song." I was wrong. This is one of the best songs on the best record, and all the while it keeps that weird Tori Amos integrity. It is an upbeat song that I was singing along with my second time through the record.

4. Jamaica Inn - This song highlights Tori's voice with piano in the background. This track is a very pretty song lyrically as well as musically.

5. Barons of Suburbia - This song starts out with very driven piano, and includes a lot of Tori mumbling the lyrics along with the rambling piano. This is one of the songs that I feel works well on the record, but doesn't do well as a stand-alone song.

6. Sleeps with Butterflies - I love this song, and especially the lyrics. This is the first radio single on the album and is quite remarkable. This is the perfect song to introduce the album to the public.

7. General Joy - The first time I heard this song I had a hard time getting into it, but by the second time through the album I was in love with it. Tori's voice sounds amazing, and the tone is just shy of being "pop". However, instead of feeling pop it pulls off the beautiful piano folk sound perfectly.

8. Mother Revolution - This is one of the songs on the album that I have a hard time not skipping. My hand hovers over the forward button, and yet something magically about the song draws me back into it. There is nothing spectacular about the song, and I really think that it has a hard time standing alone without the rest of the album to back it up.

9. Ribbons Undone - This song almost makes up for "Sleeps with Butterflies" shortness. I love the lyrics and the music on this song, and it is defiantly not two minutes long. It begins quite slowly, and works its way into a beautiful song.

10. Cars and Guitars - Tori has a weird tone to her voice in this song, and it such a turn off that it almost ruins a really good song. When this song gets going, and Tori brings back her signature ethereal voice this song is quite beautiful. It's not that I want every song to sound the same, but she has such a beautiful voice that it doesn't work when she moves outside her normal range.

11. Witness - This is an interesting song, and yet is fun to listen to. It works lyrically as well as musically even though it steps outside the predetermined boundaries of the album. Even though this odd song works well, I do not think that outside the confines of the record it would stand alone well.

12. Original Sinsuality - I love this song. It had me hooked from the first piano notes, and Tori's voice is stunning in the song. The piano is what really drives this song, and yet it disappoints as being 2:02.

13. Ireland - This song works well on its own, and has a very easy beat. Although nothing spectacular this song moves well, and I found myself singing along the first time through.

14. The Beekeeper - Obviously the title track to the album, and the song does not disappoint. Tori's voice is spectacularly showcased in this song, and the song maintains a slow and yet otherworldly tone.

15. Martha's Foolish Ginger - This song is addictive and one of my favorite tracks on the record, and it striking with Tori's delicate voice and the beautiful piano. This song is beautiful as a stand alone song, and would fit flawlessly on the radio.

16. Hoochie Woman - This song struck me as really odd and out of place the first couple of times I heard it, but then as I listened to the album several more times I felt that it complimented the other songs quite well. However, it defiantly would not stand apart from the album well at all.

17. Goodbye Pieces - This is defiantly my favorite song on the album. The chorus sticks in your head, and the song is beautiful. The piano is incredible, and Tori's voice simply dazzling. This song is a great example of Tori's growth, and a good sample of the record.

18. Mary's of the Sea - This is a simple song, and easy to listen to. It is nothing spectacular, and yet nothing to dismiss easily.

19. Toast - This is a haunting song with a quiet piano and vocal introduction. A very nice choice to end the album on.

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