Album: Kaci Brown: Instigator
Street Date: August 9, 2005
Length: 40:38
Rating: 2.5
Reviewed by: Brian

17-year old singer/songwriter Kaci Brown is having a big summer. Her Interscope Records debut Instigator was released on August 9th, and she has been opening for the Backstreet Boys on their North American summer tour. With the exposure of the Backstreet Boys tour and Interscope's promotion of her first single, "Unbelieveable," Brown is attempting to make a substantial impact in the pop music scene.

1. Unbelievable - Instigator begins with "Unbelievable", Brown's first single which is a mixed bag instrumentally. The song begins with a melodic piano melody that explodes into mixed pop beats. Overall the song has a very radio-friendly tone. The vocals are nice, and the lyrical content flows over the song rather well.

2. Instigator - The title track of Brown's CD, "Instigator" jumps right into a mid-tempo hip hop beat. Brown flows over the beat smoothly. The lyrical content along with the vocals are pretty addictive on this track. It's a bit silly, but it is a fun song. One of the highlights is a nice rap verse dropped by Sha'Liek Rivers in the vein of Twista with fast rapping.

3. Cadillac Hotel - "Cadillac Hotel" comes back from the hip hop realm and dives into an electic beat with piano, strings, and other assorted instruments. The instrumentals carry the song a bit, as the vocals seemingly get lost behind the music. For what you can hear, the vocals are good and the lyrical content is sufficent as well.

4. Body Language - Our tempo speeds back up as "Body Language" goes into an urban pop beat. The instrumentals are actually rather interesting. They sound like some of the more progressive female pop instrumentals that pop stations have been picking up on as they progress more into hip hop and stray more from actual pop music. The vocals are alright, and the lyrical content really doesn't show a whole lot, though.

5. Waltz - Another interesting instrumental beat, "Waltz" has an experimental beat in the way it is kind of sing-songy, but it plays on the theme of waltzes, and the music you would waltz to, except it is jazzed up into an urban pop style. Overall the song is solid in all aspects.

6. SOS - "SOS" drops into a slower pop beat with someone randomly saying "what" over the track in the background, which is really kind of annoying. Other than that, the song is rather pleasing instrumentally. Brown's vocals are good on this track, as she intonates her voice to flow with the instrumentals. Lyrically the song is nice as well.

7. Like 'Em Like That - "Like 'Em Like That" comes at you with another hip hop pop beat. The beat itself is done very well and is enjoyable. The vocals are sing-songy to go along with the lyrical style, and over the instrumentals it sounds good. Another radio friendly song. There is a great guitar bridge at 2:11 over the beat, its something to look forward to in the song.

8. My Baby - The song opens with an electric guitar buzz which blends into a mixed hip hop beat again rooted in the pop genre. The vocals are pretty interesting, as Brown stretches her range a big singing over the instrumentals, but overall the end result is plesant.

9. You Fool - A changeup from the rest of the CD so far, "You Fool" is an acoustic guitar driven track. I enjoyed this song as it really allows the listener to see the talent Kaci Brown has as an artist, because the instrumentals are stripped down so the vocals and lyrics get to take center stage, and both are above average on this track.

10. Make You Love Me - "Make You Love Me" starts off with a fast piano intro which drops into a full beat at the first chorus. The vocals are solid, and the production on the song in general is nicely done. Lyrically the song is impressive.

11. Thank You - Instigator finishes out with a slower pop song. The lyrics are heartfelt and finish out the CD well. Brown's vocals on "Thank You" are consistent.

Overall Impression:
Kaci Brown's debut CD Instigator is diverse and very radio friendly. That said, only one or two songs on the CD really stick out as spectactuar, and in general the CD is right about average. One definite positive is that considering how young Kaci Brown is, you can see a wealth of potential that can be molded and developed into something great down the road.

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