Album: Cast Of Characters: s/t EP
Street Date: 2004
Length: 22:27
Rating: 3.5
From: Bellingham, WA
Reviewed by: Kevin
Official site:

One of the best party bands ever. When you see CoC, you know you're gonna have fun, and probably get really drunk at the same time. With the combination of Bucketz(frontman) & Seabass(guitarist), a chemistry of pure energy is created. Right now the band only has this one EP available.

1. Chloe's Dopin' - There's a 55 second buildup on this song that just drives this song into a high energy pulse. It's like a Hawaiian surf song on speed. The chorus screams for a sing-a-long. The guitar riffs throughout the song are very memorable, you can identify it instantly when you hear it.

2. All Go Down - "Let's get this fucker rolling!" They keep the energy high and the rock keeps flowing. There is a lot of use of the tom drums in the bridge, it feels a little too forced however. By the time the song comes to an end you feel as though it was an incomplete composition. It's still a good track, I just think there is a lot of room to expand it musically and lyrically both.

3. Cartoon - The tone drops down for the opening of this track but by the time the chorus rolls around you're left in awe of the speed of Bucketz' vocal delivery. He flows straight through the lyrical lines with ease. The last verse has a second vocal track echoing the lyrics, it doesnt quite feel right and that is where the delivery fails. That second track could have been re-recorded cleaner or brought down in the mix it would have sounded smoother.

4. Come On Go On - The tone drops down so far it begins with a low guitar. At the core it's a blues track with rock wrapped around it. The track isn't a home run by any stretch of the imagination, but it shows that the band is trying different things and by the time we get to the bridge they ease back into the more familiar sound from their other tunes.

HT. Dre Day - Also on Track 4 after a moment of silence is a CoC rock version of the classic rap song from Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg. The guitar is beautiful! But you can tell the band is just having a blast on this track. Bucketz does the parts from Dre & Seabass covers the Snoop lines. I think even the Death Row boys would be impressed with this cover.

At times the production was lacking but only if you are really trying to put it under a microscope. It's a fun EP, the talent is undeniable when you listen to the vocal flow and some of the skillful guitar work and memorable riffs.

I'm eagerly waiting to see what these guys come up with next.

If you are interested in a copy of this EP, email the band at:
castofcharactersmusic @ yahoo . com

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