COC:CUNT Album: Cast Of Characters: Circus Under No Tent
Street Date: January 13, 2006
Length: 63:31
Rating: 3.5
From: Bellingham, WA
Reviewed by: Kevin
Official site:

The highly anticipated full length debut from one of Seattle's best indie bands, the Cast Of Characters.

1. 2-4 Measure - This was the perfect way to open the CD. A new song which shows how far they've come from their earlier EP. The quality is much better, I love the backing vocal effects over the chorus, it really makes the track stand out.

2. Chloe's Dopen - This was a song on the EP re-recorded for this new album. The 55 second buildup on this song drives it into a high energy pulse. It's like a Hawaiian surf song on speed. The chorus goes back and forth with vocalists. Great guitar solo three and a half minutes into it.

3. Come On, Go On - Also a song re-recorded from the EP, the tone drops down quite a bit. But by the time we get to the bridge they ease back into the more familiar sound from their other tunes. The bullhorn vocals are an interesting effect.

4. Caught A Case - A fast flowing track. It sounded like the band had some fun with the song.

5. Feast Your Eyes - A nice little sexy song. There's a guest female vocalist, although there are heavy distorting effects on her voice. It was still a nice touch on the track.

6. See Me Again - This has a slightly different sound than their typical track, but lyrically they really did a great job. "Are your feet all wet, from a pool of regret." I thought that line was one of the best! It ends up being a pretty mellow track.

7. All Go Down - Back to the energy high and the rock. There is a lot of use of the tom drums in the bridge keeping an intense beat. The song was on the EP too, but they've done a lot of work to it for this album.

8. Tough Luck - I think the music is out of the 70's. It's not one of the best tracks but it still fits well for the band.

9. Short Fuse - Starts off with a slower tempo which puts more of an emphasis on the other elements in the song. It's not a complicated song but I think it's one of my favorites on the CD. The quality is stepped up quite a bit.

10. Cartoons - Great opening on this song. And the vocal delivery is amazing, he flows straight through the lyrical lines with ease. The quality has been cleaned up a lot since the version on the EP, making this quite smooth.

11. Mai Tai - This is an electronica track, synth beat similar to Darude's "Sandstorm". The lyrics are basically "When one commits himself to life, he commits himself to death." repeated over and over and over. It's an acid trip.

12. Tweak Out - A drug induced rock track. The female vocalist makes a return appearance for these lyrics "In this heavenly high, it's hard to have a bad state of mind".

13. G.R.E. - They may be white boys but they have inner rappers screaming to get out.
"Rappin' with C-O-C on the M-I-C"

HT. Hidden Track - There's about a minute of silence and then a pretty little instrumental acoustic guitar track with street sounds in the background. Beautiful way to end the CD.

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