Album: Howie Day: Live From... EP
Street Date: December 13, 2005
Length: 37:35
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by: Kevin

After coming off a long tour supporting his last album Stop All The World Now, Howie has released this EP of live recordings taken from the summer 2005 tour.

1. Ghost - Recorded in Boston, "Ghost" was Howie's first hit song from his debut CD Australia. There are some reverb vox tricks used on the track.

2. Don't Dream It's Over - This is something you won't find on any other Howie CD. Recorded in Salt Lake City is this cover of the Crowded House classic. This song alone should be reason enough to buy the album!

3. Numbness For Sound - Recorded in Norfolk, VA. It's a beautiful song, and I love when it drops down to just an acoustic guitar at the end.

4. Sunday Morning Song - Recorded at Salt Lake City. The song is good, but I think they could have picked a better song from the setlist to put on the CD instead.

5. Brace Yourself - This song is huge! Recorded in NYC, it includes covers of "New Year's Prayer" & "Already There" into the song. At the end he asks, "Did you guys like the psychedelic part?" Good question since that bridge is pretty intense.

6. Collide - Recorded in Las Vegas and gives them a shout out towards the end of the song. This is the biggest fan favorite and is even a bit of a singalong during several parts.

7. Trouble In Here - Recorded in Boston, Howie wraps up the CD with a great performance of this song.

On this EP you get over half of an average setlist from the tour, my biggest disappointment was that "She Says" got overlooked on the CD. That is his current single getting pushed at radio, it would make sense to include it here as well. But even without that song on the CD, it's an amazing CD capturing the magic from his live show. And this gives the fans something new to hold over until the next studio album is ready.

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