Album: Downside: The Fly Sessions
Street Date: August 2004
Length: 15:40
Rating: 2.5
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Kevin
Official site:

Downside is a band born from Seattle's local hard rock music scene. I caught a show recently and was impressed with their live sound so I decided to pick up a copy of their CD. The jewelcase had no cover art or track listing. The CD itself only has the band name, band members and site URL which is where I found the track listing.

1. My Muse - First thing you hear is a sweet bass line, but quickly the rest of the band jumps in with a very hollow tinny sound. Weak production, recording, mixing is the big failure of the track. But the strength of the track comes from the lyrics. We must remember this is only a demo, so if the song was re-recorded correctly, it could be something great.

2. Take The Fall - The sound at the beginning of this track is a mellow rock style (something that could be easily translated acoustically), and even when the things are stepped up, it hold onto the original vibe without getting too crazy which could have ruined it. Well done.

3. Fly - Close your eyes and you're listening to Alice In Chains. This song has the hard rock with the harmonic vocals that complement it perfectly.

4. Empty Bottle - There's another band that came from Seattle called Candlebox, this song sounds a lot like something they might have done. It's not a heavy song, there is a somber mood that comes with hearing this. "Yes I'll try, not to die."

This is a 4 song demo. What does that mean? This showcases the band's potential, it's not intended to be the final product. There are 4 songs, that captures their diverse style and influences from the Seattle music scene around them.

The production is the major downfall. Also with only 4 songs, it's not something I would highly recommend, I would say wait until they release a full album. I do hope a full and well produced album is in their future.

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