Album: Hilary Duff: Most Wanted
Street Date: August 16, 2005
Length: 49:06
Rating: 2
Reviewed by: Brian

After only two original solo CD's and a few miscellaneous soundtrack appearances, Hilary Duff is putting out what equates to a "best of" CD with her 2005 release Most Wanted. There are three new songs, and three of Duff's most popular songs which have been remixed, but for the most part the CD is material most Hilary Duff fans have already heard.

1. Wake Up - One of Hilary Duff's three new songs, "Wake Up" begins with a club dance beat vibe which trancends through the rest of the song. Lyrically the song is alright. It is kind of cheesy-catchy, but isn't anything overly great. Duff's vocals are okay on this track. Overall "Wake Up" is an upbeat song which is light and hearty at the same time.

2. The Getaway - From the self-titled 2004 CD Hilary Duff, "The Getaway" is a slower-paced song which features some very good production and nice lyrics. The music itself just has the Hilary Duff feel to it, so it seems like it definitely belongs on a "best of" CD.

3. Beat Of My Heart - New song number two, "Beat Of My Heart" has a synthesized pop beat. Overall the beat is mid-tempo, and it works fairly well with the lyrical content and vocals.

4. Come Clean (Remix 2005) - "Come Clean (Remix 2005)" basically sounds like something you'd hear if you go out to a club that plays pop music. The beat has been sped up and they added some trance/dance music to the song with some additional vocals over the original track for effect.

5. Mr. James Dean - One of the more popular songs from the Hilary Duff CD, it makes a lot of sense for the rockin' song "Mr. James Dean" to be included on this CD.

6. So Yesterday - From the 2003 release Metamorphosis, "So Yesterday" was a single that allowed people to think of Hilary Duff as not only an actress, but also a musician. It is a very enjoyable song and a "best of" CD would be devoid without it considering it was one of the songs which propelled her music career.

7. Metamorphosis - The title track of Metamorphosis, this is an upbeat tempo track which again is a good example of the type of music Hilary Duff makes and shows that it belongs on a "best of" CD.

8. Rock This World (Remix 2005) - It is amusing that this remix actually does not differ terribly from the original version from Hilary Duff. This version just has a bit more of a classic rock edge than the original.

9. Break My Heart - The third and final new song on Most Wanted is a pop/rock song in the mid-tempo range of radio hits such as Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone." The song is ok lyrically and vocally, but again it really does not stand out.

10. Fly - "Fly" is one of the radio singles which wasn't remixed on this CD, so it is the same version from Duff's self-titled CD. As one of Duff's more popular singles, "Fly" took off on radio and reached a lot of people who hadn't previously paid her musical career much attention at all. It is definitely one of the best songs Duff has done.

11. Girl Can Rock (Remix 2005) - An upbeat pop/rock song, "Girl Can Rock" is rather plesant and entertaining to listen to musically. It is a song that translates very well from its live performance, which is where it originated.

12. Our Lips Are Sealed - From the A Cinderella Story soundtrack, "Our Lips Are Sealed" is an upbeat song and was almost a must to be included on Duff's "best of" CD, as it is one of her more well-known songs. Even people who haven't sought out Hilary Duff's music have probably heard it.

13. Why Not (Remix 2005) - Most Wanted ends with a remix of the final track from Metamorphosis, "Why Not." This is a very enjoyable remix, which is pop at heart but has a very light and fun feeling, while the lyrics are more serious and meaningful. "Why Not" is a good song to end the CD.

Overall Impression:
While Most Wanted does accomplish its point in being an effective "best of" CD, in general it is very difficult to base a "best of" CD on two released CD's and soundtrack songs. For casual fans of Hilary Duff who have always wanted to check out more of her music but didn't want to buy every CD or soundtrack she is on, this CD could be very useful. However, to most music fans unless you are really into remixes and are willing to pay full price for a CD that has three new songs, this may be an album you want to pass on.

Most Wanted also comes in an enhanced collectors edition format which is priced higher, but has a fourth new song and 17 tracks compared to the regular CD's 13. It may be a better value if you are inclined to buy the CD.

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