Album: Christine Evans: Take Me Home
Street Date: January 25, 2005
Length: 43:35
Rating: 2.5
Reviewed by: Brian

Only 14 years old, Christine Evans is one of the youngest mainstream artists today. Signed to Warner Music Canada, Evans' debut CD Take Me Home was produced by Seattle-based producer Tom Hall. Despite being so young, Evans' music (at least in Canada) is being compared to that of fellow Canadians Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, and Sarah McLachlan.

1. If Only - The CD begins with a slower mid-tempo guitar/drum driven track. Right off the bat vocally you can tell why people compare Christine to Avril, as they sound relatively similar. This is a strong song lyrically. The vocals are above average, but not great.

2. I'm So Alone - Another guitar driven track, more of a strumming beat. This song has a melody which flows nicely. This is an okay song lyrically, decent vocals.

3. All That I Am - This is a slow piano/drum driven track. The music sets calm tone for the lyrics and vocals to flow over. It works well.

4. Crazy Inside - We go back to a guitar/drum driven track, this time with a slow beat. The vocals sound a bit muddy and fade into the music. An ok song lyrically.

5. Take Me Home - The title track of the CD is a slow (what seems like a bango) drum and strumming guitar piece. This is one of the best songs on the CD. A strong song in the vocal and lyrical aspects as well.

6. Heaven's Door - The beat sounds like synthesized keys, with some actual piano mixed in. It is interesting, a changeup from what we've seen on the album so far. This is a pretty deep song lyrically. I was impressed with this song in all facets.

7. My Biggest Mistake - Similar to "I'm So Alone" in its strumming guitar nature. It has a strong hook, delieved well vocally. A plesant song.

8. Let Me Go - Mainly drum driven, Let Me Go has more of a pop-rock feel to it than straight pop. Another nice hook which flows well with the music.

9. Time For Me - A mix of electric and acoustic guitars is used to make the music for this song. The vocal style used feels a bit odd with this song, but the song beat is nice.

10. Close Your Eyes - After a few more upbeat songs, the CD slows back down to a mainly piano beat. The lyrics are strong, and vocally Christine tries to show her vocal range out a bit. It could use some work, but in general it is nice to see she can change it up. Overall, the song has a smooth AC vibe to it.

11. Where I Live - Keys and guitar are the two main instruments used for this song. It is becoming apparent that Christine's music style is best suited for the slower songs, because her lyrics can really flow through the vocals and the attention is not grabbed by the beat, instead the beat is a table-setter for the music.

12. Forever's Gone - The CD ends with another piano piece. The playing is actually nice and rhythmic. Solid vocals, with ok lyrics.

Overall Impression
On the whole, this CD is marginally above average. Coming from a 14 year old singer/songwriter, the CD is close to what you could optimally expect.

The musical production carries many of the tracks, but Evans' lyrical ability shows itself to be advanced for a songwriter her age. Vocally there is still work left to do, but again citing her age, she sounds pretty good.

The comparisons to Avril, Nelly, and Sarah are well founded on Christine's future potential, but it is a bit too early to predict the same success for Evans worldwide as has been attained by the Canadian trio.

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