Album: Fantastic Four: Soundtrack
Street Date: July 5, 2005
Length: 72:00
Rating: 3
Reviewed by: Kristen

The main thing about the Fantastic Four Soundtrack that catches one's attention is its diversity. More so than any other Wind-Up soundtrack, this is commercially oriented, in my opinion. Even compared to The Punisher soundtrack or DareDevil's soundtrack, this one stands by itself. It's actually really different than those two, and a really pleasurable listen. Wind-Up does its usual (by now) attempt to break up and coming WU artists. This soundtrack's artist is Megan McCauley, with two songs gracing this album. More on her later though. Besides McCauley, there are artists such as Taking Back Sunday, founding Evanescence member Ben Moody (with Anastacia), Alter Bridge, Chingy, Simple Plan and Velvet Revolver. The soundtrack's artists blend really well together on this album, despite their diversity.

1. Come On, Come In - Velvet Revolver - Velvet Revolver starts off the album on a high note. "Come On, Come In" is the perfect hard-hitting opener. Vocally and instrumentally this song is dead-on.

2. Error Operator - Taking Back Sunday - One of the best tracks off the album. A fast rocker, this TBS number complements this soundtrack quite well. With strong vocals and heavy instrumentation it's a must listen.

3. Relax - Chingy - Normally I'm not a fan of Chingy's, but "Relax" is a catchy song, and rather good as well.

4. What Ever Happened To The Heroes - Joss Stone - A throwback to 1970s soul, Joss Stone is a nice addition here. She has an impressive voice, and demonstrates that well in this track. Instrumentally its one of the best off the soundtrack, really.

5. Waiting (save your life) - Omnisoul - This is my favorite track off the album. A new Wind-Up band, with a lot of potential, in my opinion. Great lyrics, great vocals, and great instrumentation make this, for me, the best track off this CD. The lead vocalist sort of sounds like Gavin DeGraw to me, and the piano in this song is a really nice touch. It's just an all around great tune.

6. Always Come Back To You - Ryan Cabrera - If you're a fan of emo-pop music, this track will appeal to you. Personally, I really enjoy it. Cabrera delivers his usual sincere vocals and lyrically it's a quality track too. If you're not a fan of softer music though, I'd steer clear of this song.

7. Everything Burns - Ben Moody f/ Anastacia - Usually, I am not a fan of Anastacia's voice, but in this song I think she works quite well. Ben Moody makes his vocal debut here, and while his voice is a bit lacking it is still endearing. I think perhaps Moody's voice would be best suited in a heavier rock song. I must point out David Hodges is on backup vocals, and he does a great job. A highlight for any David or Trading Yesterday fan.

8. New World Symphony - Miri Ben-Ari f/ Pharoahe - A hip hop song with a bit of a classical flare, it's worth a listen.

9. Die For You (Fantastic Four Mix) - Megan McCauley - A new Wind-Up artist, Megan McCauley does not have a bad voice, and probably will have some mainstream success. With that said, in this first song of hers, I think the Evanescence influence is prominent. The song itself is not bad at all, and if you enjoy Evanescence, you will like this most likely.

10. Noots - Sum 41 - I could just imagine this song being played during an action sequence during the Fantastic Four film. Sum 41 delivers a pleasing song here. The drumming stands out here, in my opinion, and it's great. The vocals are rough, but smooth enough to make it quite catchy, along with the guitar riffs. I wouldn't be surprised if this song were picked as a single for the album.

11. Surrender - Simple Plan - A typical pop-punk song and not one of Simple Plan's better songs. This almost seems like a filler track for the CD. It's not bad, but it's definitely not a stand-out.

12. I'll Take You Down - T.F.F. - Brody Dalle of the Distillers does a great vocal here. Her raspy, gruff voice meshes well with the rough instrumentation provided by Dalle, Chris Cester (of Jet), Nick Zinner (of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Dolf de Datsun (of the Datsuns). If you are a fan of punk type music with gruff vocals, this song is perfect for you.

13. On Fire - Lloyd Banks - G-Unit member Lloyd Banks makes an appearance here. This song was a hit for Banks previously, and should be very well known. It is typical rap, but enjoyable.

14. Reverie - Megan McCauley - A piano intro starts this song off and guitars then come in, along with McCauley's vocals. This track is slower, despite its guitars and drums. Again, this song is heavy with the Evanescence influence, but it is better than the other track she offers on the album. The lyrics are good here, and the vocal is quite impressive.

15. Goodbye To You - Breaking Point - Another Wind-Up band, Breaking Point contributes a good number to the F4 Soundtrack. The strings in this seemingly straight forward rock ballad add a nice touch. The guitar in this song also really makes it catchy, along with its chorus.

16. Shed My Skin - Alter Bridge - My thought when I listen to Alter Bridge is "How can they not be as big as Creed was?" And it's something I continue to wonder here. "Shed My Skin" is a standout here, with Mark Tremonti nailing the guitar masterfully as always and Myles Kennedy giving a spectacular vocal.

17. In Due Time - Submersed - A typical modern rock song. The instruments and vocals even sound similar to a lot of bands out right now. But not a bad track at all.

18. Disposable Sunshine - Loser - This track has a nice sound to it. The guitars sound crisp and the vocals are delivered sharply. If you're a fan of a band called Edgewater, you'll love this song. The vocals are reminiscent of Matt Moseman, completely.

19. Now You Know - Miss Eighty 6 f/ Classic - Fun is the first word that comes to mind when "Now You Know" comes on. The song has a great beat to it, and the rapping is good too. Guaranteed this track would be stuck in one's head for a few days after just one listen.

20. Kirikirimai (Fantastic Four Remix) - Orange Range - This song is very manic sounding, but interesting nonetheless. If there were a track on this entire album I'd recommend for one to not listen to, it'd be this.

Overall, I did like this CD. It was worth the money I paid for it. It's eclectic and commercial, but it works, especially being the soundtrack to a comic book movie. I gave it 3 stars because there were some tracks that just didn't seem to fit, but in general the songs really did mesh well.

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