Album: Garbage: Bleed Like Me
Street Date: April 12, 2005
Length: 45:05
Rating: 4stars
Reviewed by: Renda

Veteran alternative rockers Garbage make a stunning return to the rock music scene with their new record Bleed Like Me. It's rare in today's music scene if I can find a CD that I really enjoy and do not need to skip any of the songs. Garbage has completed an Alternative Rock masterpiece with this CD, and they are not afraid to put out a hard rocking album in the height of soft-core Indie Pop Rock.

1. Bad Boyfriend - This song is not one of my favorites on the album, but it is unquestionably Garbage. With Shirley Manson's signature vocals and driven guitar rifts the song definitely rocks delivering a sound that is missing from a lot of today's Pop Rock music.

2. Run Baby Run - Starting very melodic and leading into a very catchy chorus this song brings forth a unique sound, and keeps the listeners singing along from the first time through.

3. Right Between the Eyes - The guitar drives this song, and lyrically this song is a perfect example as to why teenage girls can really relate to Garbage. It chronicles the story of a bullied person, and how its time to "stick it to them like a phoenix rise." Overall, a good song that rocks and is driven forward with excellent vocals and amazing guitar work.

4. Why Do You Love Me? - Fast hard hitting vocals complimented by a rapid and riveting guitar compel this song forward, and it is quite possibly the best song on the CD. Between the easy to scream out lyrics, and the hard rocking guitar it's a song that anyone can relate to. During the bridge of the song it slows down a bit, and although this tactic does not always work in a song it works well with this song.

5. Bleed Like Me - I expected that the title track would be a forceful rock song, but I was mistaken. "Bleed Like Me" is an emotional and simple song that I can't stop listening to. The vocals are haunting, while the simple guitar compliments the message perfectly. A story of several troubled individuals in therapy or dealing with various psychological issues, but the emphasis of the song is the girl who cuts herself and asks "Hey baby can you bleed like me?" Obviously a very personal song for Shirley Manson, and this is shown through her passion in her execution of the vocals.

6. Metal Heart - Although the song begins with some distortion in the sound it moves into a definite rock song with an amazing Electronic beat to it. This song is something a little different after "Bleed Like Me", but has an edge to it. The fast paced beat alongside the smooth vocals creates an amazing contrast that creates a unique rock song.

7. Sex Is Not The Enemy - Yet another amazingly executed rock song. Bass guitar drives the verse into the chorus as the vocals belt out "A revolution is the solution".

8. It's All Over But The Crying - This song begins with a slow intro and a haunting piano beat, and then the vocals begin and the band kicks in. Although, one of the slower tracks on the album it has a distinct flavor from the title track and shows the band's diversity and growth.

9. Boys Want to Fight - A distorted and electronic beat begin this song, but the guitar quickly picks up the song and drives it forward. Not one of my favorites on the CD, but positively not something worth skipping.

10. Why Don't You Come Over - The vocals on this song do not showcase Shirley Manson's talent as much as some of the other songs on the CD, but the song redeems itself with a hard rock edge that drives the song. The repetitiveness of the vocals is unlike the rest of the album, and by the end of the CD starts to grate on the listener just a bit.

11. Happy Home - This song starts out slowly with throaty vocals and simple guitar, but quickly picks up steam and as it breaks into the first chorus creates beautiful melodic rock song. At the end of the record this song compliments the rest of the songs perfectly and was an excellent choice to finish out the album.

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