Album: Delta Goodrem: Mistaken Identity
Street Date: November 7, 2004 (AUS), Rumored late 2005 (US)
Length: 60:25
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by: Brian

As one of Australia's most notorious singer/songwriters, Delta Goodrem's second studio album 'Mistaken Identity' was greatly-anticipated by not only her Australian fans, but fans all over the world. After the incredible success of her debut album 'Innocent Eyes', and her battle with Hodgkins disease, Delta now tries to beat the often dreaded "sophomore jinx" with 'Mistaken Identity'.

1. Out Of The Blue - The current #1 single in Australia, is mostly typical of what you can expect from Delta's music. It is slow and melodic, and is mixed well musically. The vocals are strong, typically what you'd expect from Delta.

2. Analyst - This track is mostly piano driven in the beginning, with a nice beat that drops in about 40 seconds into the song. The beat and single piano melody seems to rotate where the beat comes during the verse, and the solo piano hits at the end of the chorus. It works very well for the song and the vocals tend to match the pitch of the beat or piano strokes.

3. Mistaken Identity - This song has just a bit of a jazz piano feel to it. The piano works in tandem with drum kicks to make the song's instrumentals very pleasing to the ears. Overall a bit different from Out Of The Blue and Analyst, but effective with good vocals and lyrics.

4. Extraordinary Day - Driven by mid-temo piano and a consistent beat, Extraordinary Day doesn't stand out much on this CD, however it is rather soothing and is by no means a bad song.

5. Little Too Late - The most up beat song on the album instrumentally so far, it has a simple, but catchy piano beat running through along with the rest of your standard pop instrumentation (guitar, etc.). There is something about this song that just kind of makes you move though, whether you're just bobbing your head or actually dancing, it makes you move. Good lyrics and vocals.

6. Be Strong - The most noticeable part about this song is definitely the piano. It is very strong and matches the vocals very well. The extra production over the piano with strings and such is nice, but this is definitely a song that can stand on its own as a piano/vocal and be great. You can feel some emotion through the vocals in this song.

7. Electric Storm - A good mix of orchestra, piano and some guitar, along with a regular beat in this song. It is mid-tempo and fits in with what the CD has been doing so far. The vocals are acceptable, but nothing that will blow you away totally.

8. Almost There - This is a duet with Brian McFadden (formerly of Westlife). The underlying instrumentals change each time the singer changes, and more or less the song is owned by the vocals instead of the instrumentals.

9. Miscommunication - This is kind of the oddball track of the CD. This track again sounds a bit jazzy, and while it works on its own, as a part of this CD it sticks out because it is so different musically from the rest of the tracks.

10. Sanctuary - Again, this track moves away a bit from the other tracks on the CD musically. It is closer to "Miscommunication" than anything, but it leans more towards the pop side than the jazzy side. Another song that makes you bob your head. The piano in the late bridge around the 3:30 mark is nice.

11. Last Night On Earth - Now we're back to the more common Delta piano/pop beats that most people are used to. The vocals are done very well, you can sense a good sense of emotion in them, and it seems like the production on this track was done very well to make the music match the vocals.

12. Fragile - The piano in this song is simply beautiful. Between the piano and the vocals this in my opinion is the best song on the album. There really wasn't any extra production on the song, so it is basically all piano/vocal, and it works wonderfully.

13. Disorientated - This song is a pretty average song, with a nice beat, but it is mostly driven by the lyrics.

14. You Are My Rock - This is another mostly piano/vocal, just more up tempo than "Fragile".

15. Nobody Listened [Hidden Track] - After a short wait, a beat kicks in for an untitled, unannounced hidden track. The vocals are good, there is some change in intonation through the song, attempting to tell the story of the lyrics. It is kind of cool because it is more of an experimental song and not something you'd normally see from Delta. A strong finish.

Overall, this is a very solid album. There really aren't any tracks that are an automatic "skip" on the CD player, and the tracks that stand out most as the tracks that carry the album are: "Analyst", "Be Strong", "Last Night On Earth" and "Fragile". The vocals are strong on each song, and the production and instrumentals usually match the vocals in a pleasing way. If you're a fan of Delta, you'll definitely love it. And if you are a fan of piano pop music in general, you'd definitely get your money's worth with this CD. From this listener's perspective, Delta definitely beats the "sophomore jinx" with this album. For more information on Delta and her music, you can visit:

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