Album: Darren Hayes: This Delicate Thing We've Made
Street Date: August 21, 2007
Rating: 4stars
Reviewed by: Andrew

CD 1
1. A Fear Falling Under - starts out slow, didn't really grab my attention but it wasn't a bad track.

2. Who Would Have Thought - This is just a great song. The haunting melodies, distorted drums, guitars, mellow sound, and delicate vocals make this song one of Darrens best songs to date.

3. Waking The Monster - Starts off with a barking dog which may throw you off. The song is catchy but strange, talking about a professor building something in secrecy.

4. How To Build A Time Machine - The song starts off upbeat, talking about the 4 dimensions. My personal favorite part of this song is after it slows to half tempo and resumes the original meter, the lyrics talk about undoing things you've done, etc.. Overall a decent song, but nothing specifically extraordinary.

5. Casey - I really like this song. Its mellow, emotional, and personal. Casey, apparently Darren's sister, can represent that meaningful person in your life that gives you hope and makes you feel like you have purpose and meaning. One of the most perfect pop songs of all time.

6. Step Into The Light - Definitely a great piece electronic music. The melodies and groove in this song make it a nice song to play loudly on your system.

7. Sing To Me - Captures my attention immediately with the synth loop and soft distorted drums. Lyrically, its beautiful. Melodically, genius. Definitely a landmark ballad on this album in my opinion. Dry your eyes and continue to the next track.

8. A Conversation With God - Eerie song, but once again a great track.

9. The Sun Is Always Blinding Me - Somewhat Savage Garden-esque. Very mellow with a nice beat.

10. Listen All You People - A song for the lonely and deserted. The departed, and the brokenhearted. This song is an upbeat and uplifting track.

11. The Only One - Gets your attention from the get-go with a repetitive synth noise. Strings come in and a drum beat starts. Darren begins singing with distorted vocals that maintain throughout the song. "No one else can keep me from the danger of myself... you are the only one."

12. Bombs Up In My Face - Starts off with heavy synths and a distorted grove. The vocals are really awkward, almost rap-form. Reminds me of a more pop-like Justin Timberlake track. It talks about a lot of situations in today's society. To quote another review, "Some people find this track completely left-field and awkward, but it's one of the strongest tracks on the album if you ask me. The current world is making me a more paranoid person and 'its time we started to give a f---' is the message that I take away from hearing this song."

13. The Great Big Disconnect - Another song about the politcal climate of today's society. A nice breaking point for disc one. Can't wait to hear the second disc.

1. The Future Holds A Lion's Heart - The intro reminds me of "To The Moon and Back" by Savage garden, but the music is a lot like some of the stuff on his first album. It has a very 80s sound. This song was a great way to start the second half of this musical pop opus.

2. On The Verge Of Something Wonderful - The first single from this two-disc album. Definitely the more mainstream of his music, and a great choice for the first single.

3. Neverland - Very strange sounding song; feels like a waltz at first. Despite the interesting vibe surrounding it, its a very nice track with lyrics that paint a picture for the listener.

4. Walk Away - Starts of a cappella and stays that way up until about four minutes into the song. His background vocals soar, making this song a highlight for me on this album. It's extremely well done and very powerful.

5. Maybe - This is just a really nice song. It's slow and powerful. Very simple, but I am so impressed with Darren's lyrical ability to just tell a story and express his emotions through his words.

6. My, Myself And (i) - An upbeat song that immediately reminded me of his songs "Pop!ular and Crush (1980 me)." Though it's not one of my favorites on the album, and it certainly sticks out as a fun track.

7. Lucky Town - Nice moderate grove to this song. Nothing spectacular but it's not a bad song. I enjoyed listening to it.

8. I Just Want You To Love Me - Slow song with powerful lyrics. You can simply feel what he's feeling in this song.

9. Setting Sun - I'll be honest, I didn't like this song. Its the same drum beat and background music with Darren singing with distorted vocals. It didn't do anything for me.

10. A Hundred Challenging Things A Boy Can Do - A beautiful piano/vocal/strings pop ballad. Not much else to say.

11. Words - Another beautiful and powerful piano/vocal track.

12. The Tuning Of Violins - A nice, upbeat way to end this powerful and epic album.

Overall, this album was very different from his previous material. I really enjoyed most of it and I think he did a great job. I felt like it took me on a journey and I can't wait to give it another listen.

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