Album: Jag Star: Cinematic
Street Date: May 17, 2004
Length: 32:06
Rating: 3.5
Reviewed by: Renda

This CD is nearly flawless and does not disappoint. I wasn't overly impressed with Jag Star the first time that I heard them, but this was primarily due to the fact that all I could get my hands on was 30 second clips on their website. After hearing the clips the sound haunted me for several days until I picked up "Cinematic", the newest release. I was so impressed that I had to get "Crazy Place" and "The Beginning" their other two albums as well. Although this CD is only 32 minutes long it packs a punch and is definitely worth every penny spent on it.

1. Space - This song showcases the lead singer's vocal talent beautifully and prepares the listener for the rest of the magnificent album. Although this song is not as upbeat as many of the other songs on the album it has a definte unique sound that Jag Star brings to the table.

2. Call Me Crazy - This song is catchy, but isn't as strong as many of their other songs. The vocals and tempo of the music jump all over the place, and there isn't a consistent sound to the song creating a manic feeling to the music. Although this goes well with the message of the song, it is a strain on the listener.

3. Invite Me To Your Next Dream - This is one of the best songs on the album. Everything is perfect. The vocals are ideal and haunting, while the music compliments the ethereal voice. The lyrics are cute, and you find yourself singing along with the chorus almost immediately. I'm honestly surprised that mainstream radio hasn't found this song and played it to death yet.

4. Free The Enemy - I love the lyrics on this song, and the chorus seamlessly weaves in and out of the verses. Everything about this song works well.

5. Make It Up - A unique sound drives this short catchy song. Although the instrumental styling could overpower the lyrics the strong voice of the female lead does not let that happen, but instead creates a beautifully blended song.

6. Dance Of The Freaky Circles - This is a cute upbeat 51 second instrumental. I'm usually not a fan of instrumentals in the middle of my Pop-Rock albums, but it flows so seamlessly between songs that it fits perfectly.

7. This House - This song is upbeat, and the lyrics deal with memories of a childhood house which is something easy to relate to. Three quarters of the way through the song, it slows down and showcases the vocal talent of Sarah before leading into the ending of the song. The timing of the end of the song makes it feel unfinished as it just fades out before it feels like the song should be over.

8. Save Me - I love this song. It is upbeat and passionate at the same time. The accusatory lyrics combined with the driving guitar make a great song that you can't help but dance and sing to.

9. Home, Part Two - This is a cross between a remix, and a completely new rendition a song off of their older CD "Crazy Place". It's faultless and beautiful as the piano mixes with two layered vocal tracks creating a unique sound.

10. Along For The Ride - Simple vocals and soft piano are the key elements to this song, and with beautiful lyrics this is the perfect end to this album.

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