Album: Tommy Lee: Tommyland, The Ride
Street Date: August 9, 2005
Length: 38:32
Rating: 3
Reviewed by: Joey

Tommy Lee's RealPlayer artist description states "When Tommy Lee isn't having sex he plays drums in Motley Crue and records solo albums. The rest of the time he is having sex." However true that may be, Tommy Lee is more than a manwhore. This is, I believe, his second album. It's a really good album, too. Here's my track-by-track review :

1. Good Times - This is the theme song for his reality show "Tommy Lee Goes to College". This is a really good pop song about living in the moment and enjoying the moment. His vocals aren't especially good in this song, but it's pretty good. It has a really catchy chorus, and the guitar riff is hot. A highlight of the album, this is a solid Pop-Rock song.

2. Hello, Again - This is a nice slow song. It sounds a lot like something that would come from the band Train. It's a great song. It apparently features Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate, but it's pretty much all Tommy Lee. His vocals are really good and the music is well written. This is a definite highlight of the album and possibly the best track.

3. Tryin' to be Me - This is the first single off of the album. It's doing well on the Rock charts. It's definitely the most hard rock track on the CD. It's a nice catchy song. The guitar is good and it's a nice upbeat song. The lyrics are kind of annoying, though. Definitely not the highlight of the album, but still a good song.

4. Sister Mary - This is a great upbeat, bouncing rock song about a girl who has lost her innocence. Featuring Carl Bell of Fuel, the chorus is catchy and the verses are bouncy and fun. The electric guitar sounds great and the production is good. It'll get stuck in your head. Tommy's vocals are really good. One of the five best songs on the album.

5. Butler - an interlude where Tommy Lee's "butler" talks about Tommy Lee. Only 30-something seconds long, kind of funny.

6. Tired - The chorus of this song is sung by Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. The song is about relationships getting old. "It's exciting, in the beginning... the first four weeks when you f**k five times a day." Sex tape reference, anyone? It's a good, catchy song about celebrity relationships. The writing is okay and the production is good. Not the best song on the album, but still a solid track.

7. I Need You - This song also features Andrew McMahon. The vocals are good on Tommy's half, I just can't tell when it's Andrew. The lyrics are really good, the best on the album. The music is really good and it's again one of the best songs on the album, but the ending is kind of repetitive. He said "I need you" like, 500 times.

8. Make Believe - Sounds too much like Nickelback... the music, the lyrics, the production. It's an okay rock song, but not the best on the album. The vocals are good, especially the harmony, which is great. But the Nickelback resemblence makes it a rather forgettable track.

9. Makin' Me Crazy - The song starts out with a girl singing (sounds like Natalie Imbruglia, but it's some British singer named Dirty Harry. She has a good voice and accompanies Tommy really well. It's a really good pop/rock song about relationships driving people crazy. The ending is a little repetitive, but it's got a catchy chorus. Great song.

10. Watch You Lose - An interesting rock arrangement. It's pretty cliche the way they set up the chorus and verse, but they do it well. It's a weak song compared to the others on the album. It almost sounds like Linkin Park in some parts, but it's better than that. His vocals are really good and the production is great. But just an average song.

11. Say Goodbye - This song features Nick Carter, but he doesn't have a big role in the song (thank God). The verses sound good and the lyrics are good. It's a good pop/rock song, but it's not the best on the album. The production is just okay and the vocals aren't the best on the album. Not a highlight, honestly.

12. Hello, Again - A great acoustic rendition of the second track. It sounds really good acoustic. It's such a good song. The guitar playing is tight and Tommy's Vocals are great as well.

This is a really good pop/rock album. The highlights are (in no order): "Hello, Again", "Sister Mary", "Good Times", "I Need You", & "Makin Me Crazy".

If you like pop/rock music like Ryan Cabrera and like Rock music like Three Doors Down, this is the perfect combination of the two. There are a few forgettable tracks, but at it's best it's an amazing album that's suprisingly well-done. My props go to Tommy Lee.

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