Album: Lindsay Lohan: A Little Bit More Personal (Raw)
Street Date: December 6, 2005
Length: 43:25
Rating: 2.5 stars
Reviewed by: Joey

Lindsay Lohan is a good actress. She was very good in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. She's not as good of a singer, but I was impressed by her song "Confessions of a Broken Heart", so I checked out the full CD. Here is the track by track review.

1. Confessions of a Broken Heart - This is a really good song. It really is. The writing is shocking for something coming out of a teen princess like Lindsay. The singing is real and really powerful. Girl can sang. She can't sang this song live, though (anyone who saw her at the AMAs... I'm sorry). I love this song, though.

2. Black Hole - This is actually a good song. The bouncy piano sounds good and the chorus is well written. This is another angst-y song, like Track 1. Her voice sounds pretty good on this, too. She has range and a knack for catchy melodies... I have just been really disappointed with anything she does well.

3. I Live For the Day - It starts off sounding like a techno song. Her vocals sound really fake on this song... like she did it over 100 takes and they just put together the ones that were in-tune. "I live for the tears to fall down your face," she says. More angst. The production is good, if anything, but it's a throwaway track.

4. I Want You To Want Me - This is the first of two covers on the CD. Mandy Moore is much better at picking songs to cover, needless to say. I guess it's hard for me to like this, since I hate the original anyway. It has good energy, but Lindsay just isn't rock. She did it live on TRL and she did it pretty good, but the song is just way too repetitive to stretch over three minutes.

5. My Innocence - She's trying a little too hard to be Christina Aguilera on this song, and she doesn't have the vocal chops to do a good Xtina impression. "You took my innocence away," she says angrily to her father. Also, is it just me or does the music drowns her voice out in the chorus. In the bridge, her voice sounds good, further proving that she has range.

6. A Little More Personal - It starts off with Lohan talking about people who talk in the beginning of songs. This isn't a good song. I'm sorry, but it's not. The production is cheesy, and the vocals just don't work. Not to mention the abrubt ending. E for effort, though.

7. If It's Alright - This sounds like an Avril song... a lot of the CD does, actually. This is in the same league with Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee, Avril, etc. Her vocals aren't especially good in this song and it's kind of forgettable, to be honest. Maybe it'll grow on me through, through repeat listenings.

8. If You Were Me - "If you were me, would you push you?" she says angrily to her ex-boyfriend. The chorus is a little annoying, but the verses are pretty tight. I admit, this is a catchy rock song. It seems a little short, but I like this song. The production is good and the lyrics are pretty sweet, too.

9. Fastlane - I know Ben Moody of Evanescence fame was involved in this. The chorus is pretty boring, and the production has nothing new to bring to the table. I know Lohan co-write this song, so maybe she should just stick to singing songs that professionals wrote. Maybe she'll get better, though.

10. Edge of Seventeen - She performed this at the AMAs... or, her backup singers did (you couldn't, probably on purpose, hear Lindsay). Throughout the whole song, her voice sounds really computerized. I love the original Stevie Nicks version, and this is just a slaughtering, in my opinion. I guess it's good that she's introducing a good song to her younger fans. Maybe they'll check out the original.

11. Who Loves You - The opening riff sounds country. The music, again, seems to be drowning out her voice. Like Track 10, her voice sounds really computerized. The chorus is really bad, and the talking in between Chorus and Verse 2 is a big no-no. It's sad, because the CD started off pretty well, and it's about to come to a close on a bad note.

12. A Beautiful Life - She really doesn't need to scream on the chorus and bridge. This is a good power-ballad, nothing better than good, though. Her vocals would be good, if she wasn't screaming... at least they don't sound fake. This has good production and lyrics. Pretty nice song to end the CD on.

Final Thoughts:
Lindsay Lohan's second CD is a good CD. She has a nice voice, when it isn't fake. If she can improve her live act, she'll really garner some respect from me as a musical artist. Until then, she'll always be a few notches above Hilary Duff. I would, instead of this CD, try Raven-Symone's "This is My Time".

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