Album: Alanis Morrissette: Jagged Little Pill (Acoustic)
Street Date: July 26, 2005
Length: 58:00
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by: Renda

When a friend of mine picked up this album at Starbucks weeks before the actual release date I was skeptical. I assumed that it was a ploy to re-release Alanis Morrissette's most popular album and make even more money off of the admired release. The first couple of times that I listened to the album I was looking for flaws, and on third third time through I realized how much she had matured, and the artistic nature that was revealed in "Jagged Little Pill" as an acoustic album. I recommend this album to fans of "Jagged Little Pill" as well as people who have never been huge Alanis fans. This updated version of the classic is nearly perfect.

1. All I Really Want - This song grooves just like the original version, but has an extra edge to it by adding the acoustic instrumental sound to it. Unlike other songs on this album Alanis doesn't showcase her amazing vocal talent nearly as much as she could, but instead chooses to keep the odd and sarcastic tone to her voice through out the song. If this was the only song that we ever heard from Alanis her vocal talent would be in question, but it's still a fun pop-driven song.

2. You Oughta Know - The melodic guitar that starts out this song deceives listeners as to what song it really is. We've all heard "You Oughta Know", but we haven't heard this laid back lounge version. The first couple of times I listened to it I was so taken back by the fact that it wasn't like the original that I thought I didn't like it, but after a couple more chances I realized how good it stands on its own without comparison to the original. In this case after having heard "You Oughta Know" over and over again, different is better.

3. Perfect - This is a beautiful song, and Alanis effortlessly showcases her vocal talent. The acoustic sound compliments the vocals and lyrics perfectly. This is a flawless song.

4. Hand in my Pocket - I've never been a big fan of "Hand in my Pocket", and this version just bugs me. I thought it might be like "You Oughta Know" where the sound grew on me, but even the good guitar work doesn't justify this song. On top of that the upbeat and peppy harmonica from the original version of the song now sounds like a prison inmate's desperate cry for comfort.

5. Right Through You - This is one of the best songs on the album, and shows how Alanis has grown as an artist. She took a decent song, and made it amazing. With the addition of the strings the song gains a beautiful melody that wasn't there before.

6. Forgiven - This is a gorgeous song, and this is one of the best songs for showing how well Alanis can actually sing. Her beautiful melodic voice blends the sarcastic and cutting lyrics seamlessly with the music.

7. You Learn - This version of "You Learn" shows far more talent than the original "Jagged Little Pill" version, and takes a song that often left a bad taste in my mouth and makes it beautiful. The vocals far exceed the original in the expression of her ability to sing instead of sounding as if she were singing through gritted teeth.

8. Head Over Feet - The piano combined with the mature vocals pushes this song beyond what it was on "JLP" to create a beautiful love song. She keeps the harmonica on this song, but unlike "Hand in my Pocket" they compliment the song instead of feeling out of place.

9. Mary Jane - This hauntingly beautiful song is by far one of the best on the album. I always enjoyed "Mary Jane" on the original release, but the amazing vocals are complimented well by minimal instrumentals creating an emotional effect. At one point in the song she holds a nineteen second note just proving that her talent.

10. Ironic - Although many of the things that happen to the people in "Ironic" are not ironic but more unfortunate, this version of the song just like so many of the songs on this acoustic album has a more mature and less produced sound to it than the original. As "Jagged Little Pill" was her first American release it seemed to have a lot more production sound to it, but with this album Alanis has had time and ability to make these songs beautiful and artistic. There is a humorous update to the lyrics from "meeting the man of my dreams, and meeting his beautiful wife" to "meeting his beautiful husband".

11. Not the Doctor - This song blew me away on this album. It has always been one of those songs at the end of the CD that I didn't pay much attention to, but on this album it has been updated to an amazing song. The instrument work combined with the once again sarcastic lyrics makes this a remarkable song.

12. Wake Up/Bonus Hidden Track - Much in the vein of the rest of the album, this is a beautiful song updated flawlessly from the original. Included on the album is even the updated hidden track from "Jagged Little Pill".

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