Album: Mute Math: Reset EP
Street Date: September 28, 2004
Length: 30:39
Rating: 3.5
Reviewed by: Kevin

1. Control - It aims for the pop music level, and hits it dead on! The song takes influence from a U2 style and put it into a synth rock sound. Best song on the album right off the bat.

2. Peculiar People - Lyrics originated from Isaiah 40:31 wrapped in a reggae sound. "We can fly with the wings of eagles"

3. OK - A very slow tempo song, quite beautiful. The Christian message in the lyrics is undeniable.

4. Reset - The title track for the album is completely instrumental. It's over 5 minutes long but does not bore you one bit. I could easily imagine hearing a vocal track on here, so in some ways I'm surprised they didn't, but at the same time, that's what makes it unique.

5. Plan B - An electronica track with a high level of energy. It'll keep you moving through the entire span of the song.

6. Progress - Something you might expect from a midtempo David Gray song. "Every moment in time is just an answer to find what you're here for."

7. Afterward - This serves as more of an extended outro to "Progress", and is also completely instrumental.

The band may take getting some getting used to, but if you enjoy more than what mainstream radio throws at you, I think you will enjoy it. We are served a mix of synth and rock which in some ways reminds me of the way Incubus mixes styles. This one short EP spans pop, reggae, adult contemporary, instrumental, electronica, & british pop. In that showcase everyone can find something they will like.

A full length album is expected in early 2006. As intense as this short EP is, I can hardly wrap my mind around what they might have instore for a full length release.

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