Album: Anna Nalick: Wreck of the Day
Street Date: April 19, 2005
Length: 41:37
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by: Brian

With the lead single "Breathe (2AM)" from her debut album Wreck Of The Day, Anna Nalick has drawn strong comparisons to fellow singer/songwriters Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, and Jewel. Those comparisons leave big shoes to fill for the 20-year-old Sony artist from southern California. Will her album live up to the hype of the first single? There is only one way to find out.

1. Breathe (2 AM) - The album begins with the lead single. The beat is nice and melodic, with a slow keyboard/drum feel to it. There is some acoustic guitar thrown in as well. Anna's vocal range is nice and soothing with the song and just kind of flows along nicely to the groove of the beat. Lyrically the song is nice. The bridge vocals and instrumentation is very well done.

2. Citadel - This song has a little bit more of an upbeat electric guitar swing to it, while being a mid-tempo song. The instrumental beat is good. The song is mostly drum/guitar based. The vocals get a bit lost behind the music, but that isn't a bad thing because this song seems to fall into your mid-tempo singer/songwriter pop song category where the beat can carry the song. It is a very short song (2:46), but it is nice while it lasts.

3. Paper Bag - Another guitar-driven track. Almost sounds Alanis Morrisette-like musically and vocally. The song is produced well, the music and vocals flow together. Not bad lyrically, either. Charming bridge section, instrumentally and vocally. She hits a nice long note at the end of it too, showing off her vocal range.

4. Wreck Of The Day - A slower guitar driven song. Kind of has a countryish feel to it. Vocally and lyrically the song is nice. I've noticed that Anna has a tendency to be able to adjust her voice and can sing in different modes/voices that fit the song tempo; which is good because there are many artists who stick to one distinct singing style no matter what the song tempo.

5. Satellite - This song is more of a mixed beat than a straight instrumental track. It is a slower to mid-tempo beat with a drumline that appears early in the song. Lyrically the song is alright, but is nothing tremendously special. The vocals are not bad.

6. Forever Love (Digame) - The open is a nifty piano piece. The vocals on the song stand out strong. In a way she reminds me a small bit like Nelly Furtado, but this song seems a bit Norah Jones-ish. The song itself is slow and has a melodic drum/guitar backing. Lyrically the song is solid.

7. In The Rough - The instrumentals on this song are a mixed beat with drums, guitar, etc. thrown in. It sounds like a mid-tempo pop/rock song. The chrous vocals and instrumentals go very well together. Lyrically the song content will appeal to a lot of people, and overall the production is good. This song seems like it would translate well as a live performance song and could possibly be a single down the road.

8. In My Head - This song opens with a simple but very melodic piano section. Drums and guitar kick in soon afterwards. The vocals and music to the song work together perfectly. It is produced very well. It is a song you can just kind of sway back and forth to. The lyrics are also solid. The vocal and lyrical style here reminds me of Chantal Kreviazuk. The ending notes are very nice as they go back to the simple piano/vocal.

9. Bleed - This is an up-tempo song. Kind of a mixed bag of everything you'd find on a pop/rock track. Solid vocals and acceptable lyrics. This is the kind of song that provides a nice alternative to the slower songs because it is a solid song in all aspects. It doesn't stand out, but it will appeal to those who enjoy the up-tempo girl pop/rock song.

10. Catalyst - Back to a the slower, acoustic guitar driven track. The lyrics are pretty thoughtful, and the vocals match the instrumentation style perfectly. Anna shows some good vocal range with voice changes throughout the song, too. One of the better songs on the album, which is impressive because overall the CD is very good.

11. Consider This - Drum/electric guitar based mid-tempo track. Has a bit of a rock/blues feel to it. Another song you can kind of nod your head to. The vocal style Anna uses here is very nice. The lyrics are good. The instrumentation works well. This is an average song to end the album.

Overall Impression:
While Anna Nalick has been compared to several singer/songwriters that have been established in the business for years due to her hit single "Breathe (2AM)", it seems that Anna has a unique style all her own. She is able to adapt herself to whatever style of music she chooses to make (be it a slower, heart-felt song or an up-tempo pop/rock joint) and still sounds good doing it.

If this album is any indication of what Anna Nalick has to offer the music industry now and in the future, it could one day be Anna who people compare themselves to, because she could quite possibly become one of the next female pop stars.

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