Album: Leigh Nash: Blue On Blue
Street Date: August 15, 2006
Length: 43:57
Rating: 3
Reviewed by: Kevin

There was once a band called Sixpence None The Richer. After 3 moderately successful Christian albums the band crossed over to the mainstream with their self titled album and the smash hit "Kiss Me". The band has since parted ways and Leigh Nash the lead singer has now released her first album as a solo artist. She is no stranger to solo work, there are a handful of recordings for various soundtracks she did as a solo artist, but now with Blue On Blue, this is her first true step out on her own. And she takes that step with a whole lot of grace.

1. Along The Wall - The song and album opens with a beautiful piano piece, Leigh's voice then eases into the song and next drums and the many other layers. It's a wonderful song and opens the CD quite well.

2. Nervous In The Light Of Dawn - This song has a much more familiar style most Sixpence fans would be used to. There is some woodwind instrument used throughout the song that leaves quite a haunting impression.

3. My Idea Of Heaven - This is what I would refer to as a poppy love song. It's really quite a cute song that most people would be able to identify with.

4. Ocean Size Love - The music does a good job of building throughout the song leading up to a nice bridge. The lyrics aren't overly remarkable but it fits in well with the album.

5. Never Finish - Amazing song, there is emotion in the verses, and her voice on the chorus cuts right through. It's the kind of song I would love to loop over and over.

6. Between The Lines - A darker tone to this song. It's not a far cry different, but there is a bit of an edge you can't quite put your finger on.

7. More Of It - This song really echoes back to the sound of Sixpence.

8. Angel Tonight - A bit more uptempo, pretty close to being another poppy love song, and there's nothing wrong with that, Leigh has this style mastered.

9. Blue - I guess you could call this the title track. It's also fairly uptempo but there's a lot more mood mixed into the lyrics.

10. Cloud Nine - The cheesy factor is a little high on this track. But it's still a pretty fun song, easy to sing along to.

11. Just A Little - Amazing song, the lyrics are really well written, the music utilizes an orchestra but is far from over the top, it fits perfectly with the song. The bridge uses a layered vocal effect which is about the only thing I would have second guessed using.

Overall, this album is a great continuation of the Sixpence saga. Leigh's voice is as beautiful as it has always been. The music can be a little weak now and again but honestly this is a wonderful effort on her part and I hope she continues making more albums for years to come.

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