Album: Our Lady Peace: Healthy In Paranoid Times
Street Date: August 30, 2005
Length: 45:30
Rating: 3.5
Reviewed by: Renda

1. Angel Losing Sleep - The song starts with a slow intro and signature vocals, but picks up the pace into an interesting and steady pop song. I was surprised that OLP didn't start the record off on more of a rock note, as they are a rock band, but the song works well.

2. Will the Future Blame Us? - This song sounds like a typical OLP song, it could have come off of Gravity their last release. Raine's vocals combined with catchy guitar rifts make this song enjoyable, but all the while the guys are dealing with tough subjects lyrically; "And is it getting better? Can we live forever I? And I'm not sure what the hell we're fighting for. And does the money make us? And will the future blame us? I Oh I don't wanna know"

3. Picture - Picture starts out quite slow and continues it's progression into a great song. The vocals are executed beautifully, and I can see this one becoming the next big mainstream Our Lady Peace hit.

4. Where Are You? - Finally, after three beautiful but slower paced songs we get a good rock song. This is an absolutely flawless song that is the first radio single. Once again, the lyrics are tackling tough issues about emotions and fulfillment, and they are showing the progression of the band into a mature and solid rock band.

5. Wipe That Smile Off Your Face - The first time I heard this song, I wasn't overly impressed. However, after a few more listens it has grown to be one of my favorite songs on the album. The lyrics are cutting, and the chorus haunting to the point where I have found myself humming "Wipe that smile off your face".

6. Love and Trust - Another lyrically challenging song that picks to a pop-rock beat in the chorus. I particularly like the bridge vocal work in this song.

7. Boy - I love the guitar intro in this song combined with the steady bass line. When the vocals come in they compliment the song well, and the ballad is performed perfectly.

8. Apology - Another slower ballad, except for unlike "Boy" there is nothing that pops out about this song. There seems to be a definite trend towards slower songs on this record as opposed to their past albums, and although the songs are beautiful and well performed they are not what the average OLP fan is expecting when they purchase the CD.

9. The World On A String - This song starts out with an odd beat, and the dual vocals by Raine continue the weirdness. But, once you have gotten over the initial "huh?" reflex it's a cute song with a good beat. Although the song was still a bit too "Poppy" for a die hard OLP fan.

10. Don't Stop - "Don't Stop" sounds like a typical Our Lady Peace song, with a bit of an edge. The chorus vocals are edgy and the instrumentals are an excellent compliment. I really enjoyed this song, especially after the excess of "Pop" based songs on the album.

11. Circles - This song starts out with a strong guitar and leads into an even stronger vocal verse, and really takes off when the chorus starts. Although it's not as fast paced or hard as many past OLP songs, it has it's own edge vocally and musically.

12. Al Genina (Leave a Light on) - A short slow ballad that wraps up the album with beautiful vocals and guitar work. An excellent song.

All in all I really love this album even though it was quite a different sound than I was expecting from Our Lady Peace on this release, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a long time OLP fan as well as new fans.

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