Dig Album: Out From Underneath: Transitions
Street Date: February 2003
Length: 41:02
Rating: 4
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Kevin
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In 2001 Out From Underneath released a good solid self-titled debut album. In early 2003 they released the follow up entitled Transitions on which they really perfected their sound, created in the heart of the same city that gave us Alice In Chains.

1. Tempted By The Gun - They come out of the gates with a heavy guitar driven track. It's got aggression, it's got its demons, and sets the bar for the rest of the album. Imagery from Full Metal Jacket is right at home with this track, the same mood flows through it.

2. 24 Days - This is a favorite track for many people. It's an anthem for anyone who's been down and out for 24 days. "Thats when I swim to the bottom of a bottle" In my own opinion this is the second best song they've every put down (see track 4). It's just as powerful live as it is on the CD.

3. I Feel - "Like a lightbulb flashin' in my head, memories flow..." A guitar riff repeats while they sing that line, it's a great way to start off the song. And once they kick into the beat of the song, you're rocking once again. The vocals are rough when yelling "I never asked you to be like anyone", it's rough but it WORKS, it conveys the perfect emotion for the song.

4. It Ain't Right - Forget what you thought you knew about Out From Underneath. They explore a whole new depth on "It Ain't Right" which throws back to a dark blues tune. Most people know the song "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield, a cover of that song is often interwoven into "It Ain't Right" when performed live which blows me away each time. The track is a unique feel for them and they really excelled on it. It stands above the rest.

5. Lately - This track isn't quite as heavy as some of the other material on the album, but keeps the pace flowing.

6. Pick Up Yourself - Lyrically I think it stems from the same place as "Papers" & "Easychair" from their first album. It's not their greatest song but that may be beside the point, the song brings the energy level way up with a quality rock track.

7. Sometimes - Bust out the acoustic. "Sometimes" is a song from their first album they chose to re-record acoustically for this album. The tone has slowed WAY down and is a complete different monster from what they had done previously. One might question placement in track 7, right in the middle of the CD, but honestly it doesn't bother me. Even though it's the only acoustic track, it's still Out From Underneath and it surprisingly fits.

8. Through My Eyes - You get drawn in by the bass. And once the rest of the band come in, it's too late, you're already hooked. It's not a heavy track, it keeps the bass beat throughout the entire track complimented by the guitar parts.

9. Much More - If you were to pick a track that samples all the various aspects of the band and puts them into one song, this would be the song. It begins as a pretty mellowed verse, but the chorus steps it up. And by 2 minutes into the song, the energy is out of control. It becomes pure heavy rock. But then it kicks back down again. So no matter what you look for in a song by Out From Underneath, this song will deliver it to you.

10. Finished - The opening could be confused with Korn, is has the same quirky guitar parts until they get into the verse of the song. And once the track comes to an end, you're left wanting more, waiting to see what Out From Underneath will do next.

This CD gives you not a single bad song. From the moment you press play to the last notes of "Finished" you are under the spell of OFU. They put all of their hearts and talent into this album and earned the full 4 stars. You will not regret owning Transitions for yourself.

To check out more from Out From Underneath I urge you to visit the official site and MySpace Music.

"Love. Hatred. Never will be separated." -Much More

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