Album: Ryewire: These Days
Street Date: May 2004
Length: 25:37
Rating: 2.5
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Kevin
Official site:

I saw Ryewire play a show recently, there was good energy, and felt like everything was came together well. So I decided to snag a copy of their first CD These Days for 5 bucks after the show.

1. If I Don't Get You First - The album starts off strong. It sounds influenced by Led Zepplin, not a sound you would expect from the Seattle music scene. But it really grabs ahold of you.

2. Ballad Of A Balladeer - This comes across as weak songwritting. There really isn't much salvageable from the song. Skip it.

3. These Days - The band shows their garageband rock sound off with this track. Things could have meshed a little better, but overall its not too bad. It was a good choice to use as a title track.

4. Consideration - They could have used a better producer just to cut the fat off the song. It's over 6 minutes of the same thing and could easily be fitted into a tighter package.

5. Kasparov's Defeat - A heavy rock song about chess? No, it's man vs machine, "we have lost our faith in human beings."

6. Winner's Circle - They attempted a fluid musical flow, but the song didn't quite hit the mark they aimed for. It felt unbalanced and the vocals drone through most of it.

For a 6 song EP, it's not too bad. But unless you're a regular fan of the band, I would wait a few more months. They announced that they would be going into the studio in November to record a new album. If it's anything like the show they performed, I could see the new album being much better than this EP.

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