Album: Ashlee Simpson: I Am Me
Street Date: October 18, 2005
Length: 39:46
Rating: 2
Reviewed by: Shelley

I Am Me is the second album from Ashlee. Her first album, Autobiography, spawned a couple of hits on Top 40 radio, but like all artists, the true test is whether or not they can overcome the "sophomore slump."

1. Boyfriend This is the first single released to radio. Upon listening, it sounds like a letter in song form to someone that may have lost her boyfriend to Ashlee. (Hello, Lindsay Lohan/Wilmer Valderrama, maybe?) There really isn't much substance to this song, but the message is clear: Ashlee didn't steal your boyfriend.

2. In Another Life This tune, in my opinion, is better than the first single. It's catchy; the lyrics actually say something that many people who think they've found their soul mates can identify with. Simpson sings about the familiarity of her partner and the way he makes her feel, showing her that they must have known each other "in another life."

3. Beautifully Broken Ballads seem to be Ashlee's strength. Singing about loss, you can hear in her voice that she's torn up, but still has a sense of hope burning within her. Anyone who has had to survive a break-up with someone they truly love knows what this is like it's hard to hide the way you feel, but at the same time, there is hope that lies within because "Every time there's another storm / I know that it won't last / Every moment I'm filled with hope cause I got another chance."

4. L.O.V.E. On first listen, this reminds me of a bad remake of a song that Gwen Stefani could do better. I suppose the song is meant to be a rallying up of the girls to support each other when their guys do them wrong by not calling or answering their phones. The chorus what can I say is irritating. If you didn't know how to spell the word LOVE before, you'll certainly get it down perfectly after listening to this song. It's only 2:34 long, thankfully.

5. Coming Back for More There isn't much about this song that makes me like it or hate it. All around, it's just not appealing it won't keep me "coming back for more."

6. Dancing Alone Ashlee's going out to have a good time, but is "dancing alone," waiting for that certain someone to come along and complete her, "Cause your love's the one worth waiting for." It's another song about her waiting on love that has been lost or hasn't developed solidly yet.

7. Burning Up She's "burning up for you," so please come and put out the girl's fire, so we can get on with things. Ashlee's voice is a bit too whiny in this song.

8. Catch Me When I Fall At some point, most artists will have a song that talks about what it's like to be famous. She wonders who will be the one to save her from herself and to be the one to catch her when she falls. Feeling lost, despite having so many people around and having "everything" that one person could possibly want (or, so we non-famous people would think), has really taken its toll on Miss Simpson. Pity party for one!

9. I Am Me The title track off the album. Normally, I don't like when Ashlee attempts the "rocker chic" song, but this is actually decent. Every one of us has been bruised and hurt by someone we loved and have emerged bitter and angry, vowing not to change himself or herself for anyone, especially that person. The song is pretty rockin' and has a good beat.

10. Eyes Wide Open This song isn't too bad, but I'm not completely sure what she's talking about.

11. Say Goodbye Closing track and probably the best song on the album, both musically and lyrically. Ashlee should do more songs that allow her to show her emotions vocally.

Overall, this album isn't completely terrible, but I'd say she has a 50/50 chance of making another album. If anything, having family ties to the music industry may benefit her because I'm not so sure she'd have the same chance based off of this finished product alone.

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