Album: The Best Of Sixpence None The Richer
Street Date: October 26, 2004
Length: 72:06
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by: Kevin

I will start off by saying that I am a fan of Sixpence None The Richer already, not a die hard fan mind you, but I do have both mainstream albums and enjoy them quite a bit. So this CD is perfectly suited for a modest fan like myself. Only 5 of the 18 tracks are off of the 2 mainstream albums. That leaves 13 tracks of rare or new material that the average fan would never have heard before.
The CD begins with 3 new songs.

1. Loser Like Me - The beat at the begining and during the bridge grows slightly annoying, but if that can be ignored, her voice is perfect so the track is decently done.

2. Us - Something about the song feels forced. Something I would blaim on production; if it were me at the controls I would have had a few more takes. Lyrically the song holds strong.

3. Too Far Gone - The tone of song has quite a moody feel to it. I enjoyed it, tho it was a little longer than nessisary clocking in at six and a half minutes.

4. The Ground You Shook - It's from the album Roaring Lambs. This is a good track, one I had never heard before.

5. Kiss Me - The song that changed their lives. It broke them into the mainstream and the sound alone calls to memory scenes from teen movies and even not another teen movie. The song is sweet and catchy, it was the perfect song to launch them into the world at large.

6. Breathe Your Name - This was the lead single from their second mainstream album Divine Discontent. The band had been on hiatus quite a while between the two albums, and although the single was not a huge hit, it left a nice dent in AC music and was a good song to use to reintroduce people to the band again.

7. Melody Of You - The song was not a single but was one of the better tracks from Divine Discontent.

8. Dancing Queen - This was a fun track. Most people know the original disco classic, but hearing it from Sixpence is just that much sweeter. It was done for the Dick soundtrack.

9. Don't Dream It's Over - The song is from Divine Discontent and went on to become a #1 hit on radio. I know some hardcore Crowded House fans that dislike the song being covered, but reaching #1 means more people than not, liked the Sixpence version!

10. There She Goes - The followup single after "Kiss Me", it wasnt even included on the original pressings of the self titled album, but the album was rereleased with this song, and it really was a great choice, it even made it into the top 10 on mainstream radio.

11. I Need Love - The song was done for the soundtrack of Here On Earth. It's a great song, it would have fit well into any of the band's mainstream albums.

12. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - From the album Making God Smile: An Artists' Tribute To The Songs Of Beach Boy Brian Wilson. The song probably would have been better left to just Brian Wilson.

13. Breathe - For me I think this is the highlight of the album. It's from an album called Streams, but I think it really captures Sixpence at their best. Her voice is incredible, the music is moving. It's really well done.

14. Brighten My Heart - The song is from the album Exodus, the verses didn't capture me but the chorus really sounded good.

15. Angeltread - From This Beautiful Mess their second album. You can hear that they weren't afraid to try new things and it really worked.

16. Within A Room Somewhere - From This Beautiful Mess, and later even released an EP/single based around this song.

17. Trust - This is from their very first CD The Fatherless And The Widow and is probably the oldest song on this collection. Lyrics are from a paraphrase of the Bible.

18. Kiss Me (Japanese Version) - This was a brilliant way to end the album! It's a reworking of the band's biggest hit "Kiss Me" with the verses and most of the chorus sung in Japanese. Here and there is an english word slipped in including the hook "kiss me."

This is not a "Greatest Hits". If it were, there would only be the 5 songs which have been on radio. This on the other hand is a "Best Of" which is a collection of their best songs spanning nearly a decade.
In a perfect world it might have been nice if Leigh Nash's solo song "Need To Be Next To You" from the Bounce soundtrack had been included too, but I can understand keeping it strictly Sixpence None The Richer.
If you've heard "Kiss Me" & "Don't Dream It's Over" on the radio and liked them, then this collection was made just for you!
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