Album: Britney Spears: My Preogative
Street Date: November 9, 2004
Length: 60:08
Rating: 2.5stars
Reviewed by: Renda

1. My Prerogative - The album starts with this previously unreleased song, and it follows along the lines of Britney and In the Zone with a Dance-Pop sound. I am not entirely sure but I think she is trying to impress the public with her use of the word "prerogative" and it shouts pretentious. The song is whiny "everybody's talking all this stuff about me - why don't they just let me live?" Personally, my favorite part of the song is the men shouting "oh" randomly in the background, but the song is an easy listen and nothing is offensive about it.

2. Toxic - Toxic is one of the songs that I cannot stop humming after listening to it. The pop beat with the strings is a combination that I love - it even makes the horrible lyrics of "your toxic tongue slipping under" disappear.

3. I'm a Slave 4 U - From the first few seconds of Slave you know that this is the song of a girl who wants to shock the world with her "I'm all grown up now" attitude, but fails miserably with the childlike use of the "leet" 4 U. This song does not flow and I have a hard time not skipping forward through it on the CD. The beat and the music have nothing to do with each other, and she's not even really singing - it is more of a mid-climax moan.

4. Oops I Did It Again... - Oops is one of the best songs that Britney has done, and she should have stuck with the Pop sound from her first two records. On My Prerogative they have included the portion of the song that stops while she and some guy discuss the necklace from Titanic, and it should have been edited out - it dates the song and stops the flow of the music. It was cute in the video, but does not belong on the CD.

5. Me Against the Music, feat. Madonna - This song flows with a great beat and dance rhythm. It is very easy to listen to and is a very good attempt at the Dance-Pop that Britney has been evolving towards.

6. Stronger - This song feels like a follow-up to Baby One More Time, and does a much better job of showing Britney's more adult side than Slave 4 U. It is a more edgy Pop sound that proclaims that her "loneliness ain't killing me no more".

7. Everytime - This is the first slow track on the album, and it really highlights Britney's voice showing that she really does have a spectacular voice under all the over-production. The fish tank noises in the background of the song made me stop and look around the first couple of times as I thought that I was being attacked by some sort of fish-man, but then I realized it was just the song making weird and unnecessary noises.

8. Baby One More Time - Here is the song that started it all. This is a perfect Pop song, and Britney should have stayed with the upbeat Pop sound that made her a household name and continued to make happy upbeat songs about unrequited love.

9. (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix) - This is a good upbeat Pop song, and there is nothing spectacular or horrible about it. It is just a fun and simple song.

10. Boys (The Co-Ed remix) feat. Pharrell Williams - This is definitely one of the hardest tracks on the record to listen to. It is worse than Slave 4 U in it's attempt to shock the world into thinking that Britney has grown into a woman, but obviously she's just horny and needs to be "in control". This song has a definite R&B sound to it, and does not flow well in the record or with fans of Britney's Pop flavor. Randomly mixed into the track is Britney's giggle and attempt at a rock star "Ow", and these elements make the song even worse.

11. Sometimes - Having this song follow Boys almost feels like an apology. The song is beautiful, and shows more of Britney's actual talent.

12. Overprotected (The Darkchild remix) - Wow, another song about how she is her own woman and no one should tell how to run her life. I am not entirely sure that she is getting her point across I sure am glad that there is yet another song about how horrible it is to be her. The song in itself is along the Pop-Dance sound, but is really fun to listen to and makes you want to get up and dance, or at the least tap your foot along.

13. Lucky - Lucky is a cute little story about how awful it is to be a star, are we seeing a theme to this album yet? The song screams of 14 year old girls and dreams of stardom. It's cute, but has that same feel of Crazy and Baby One More Time- just a fun and upbeat song about being miserable.

14. Outrageous - This song is a hard driven song with a good beat (with the exception of the Indian sounding bells and whistles in the background) and is once again about how she is so outrageous in "her sexy jeans" and how she "just wants to be happy" and "be a girl". Obviously, no one ever told Britney that you do not have to be Outrageous to enjoy being a girl.

15. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - As the last previously released song on the album Not a Girl was a very good choice with a good message and amazing vocals.

16. I've Just Begun (Having my fun) - The album ends with two previously unreleased tracks, and they both follow the Pop-Dance sound of the last two albums. With this track, you have a good beat and a reasonable use of her vocal talents. It sounds a lot like Toxic without the addicting strings in the background.

17. Do Somethin' - The music and beat to this song are actually fun and drive the song, but the vocals are just something else. Obviously it was Britney' attempt at something different, or she swallowed Gwen Stefani alive and she's trying to escape through Britney's nasal passages. "Whatcha gonna do when the crowd says Eh-oh?" Well I am going to eject the CD from the player because it is over. Obviously there is a reason that this song is previously unreleased.

I think that the album is fun and a good job at compiling all of Britney's hits on one CD. It is a good choice for closet Britney fans that secretly have always found themselves singing "hit me baby one more time" along with the radio or in the shower.

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