Album: Spiderman 2: Soundtrack
Street Date: June 22, 2004
Length: 60:39
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by: Brian W.

1. Vindicated Ė Dashboard Confessional - This is a great song to open the album with. The song captures the essence of Peter Parker. The lyrics are perfect in showing the audience how Parker has grown since the first film. Overall, itís a cool emo-rock song and is perfect for this album.

2. Ordinary - Train - I cool little piano intro gets this song rolling, then moves into a great rock superhero-esque song. Itís the perfect song to go along with the movie. The lyrics express the feelings of Peter Parker. This is definitely one of the best songs on the album. Train is a good band, and they prove it with this song.

3. Did You - Hoobastank - This is a pretty good rock song and a good addition to the soundtrack. Listen to the lyrics though. They make a good point. "Did you always give it your best? Is there anything you regret?" There is no hidden message in this song. Itís straightforward and to the point. The lyrics are great and the instrumentals are decent.

4. Hold On - Jet - This is a little different from other Jet songs Iíve heard. Itís done acoustically, but done very well at the same time. The album slows down with this song, as it is a ballad. It has a great guitar and drum lead in, which sounds great as it carries on throughout the entire song. Good addition to the soundtrack.

5. Gifts and Curses - Yellowcard - Instrumentally, this is the best song on the album. The songs stars off rockiní right away with guitar and drums, then begins the violin. The violin sounds amazing. The lyrics fit perfectly for the superhero soundtrack. Itís as if Peter Parker is singing to Mary Jane. AwwÖ At about 2:27 though, the lyrics stop, and we get a little mix of piano and violin. Then the drums and guitar join in, and itís just an amazing mix and sound. Its basically filler, but itís good filler, that lasts about a minute and a half all together. I like the overall sound of this song.

6. Woman Ė Maroon 5 - The funky sound of Maroon 5 is next. This is another great song for the album. Itís soft and sexy, but it rocks as well. Itís very catchy as well. It sounds like I hear some more violin too. Good stuff from Adam and the band.

7. This Photograph is Proof Ė Taking Back Sunday - This is a pretty good punk-type rock song. I think the lead singer, however, needs some singing lessons. But hey, thatís just me. The background vocals arenít that great either. Is it me, or is the lead singer singing back-up too? I donít know. Decent effort; if you like Taking Back Sunday, then you might like this song.

8. Give It Up - Midtown - This is another song from the emo-rock genre. Most of the song is loud and upbeat, with a short dip about half way through for a few seconds, and then it picks right back up. Itís not one of the best songs on the album. Vocally, the lead singer is decent at best. Lyrically, the song isnít too bad. Iíd be skipping over it more often than not though.

9. Lucky You - lostprophets - This is an excellent song musically, vocally, and lyrically. Lead singer Ian Watkins has a soft, but amazing voice. This is more of a mellow rock song (not as mellow as Jetís ďHold OnĒ) and is a really good addition to the album; probably being one of the best songs on it.

10. Who I Am Ė Smile Empty Soul - This is probably one of my least favorite songs on the album. I find myself skipping over it more often than not. The lead singer is okay, but not spectacular and the overall tone of the song is good but not great.

11. The Night That the Lights Went Out in NYC Ė The Ataris - This is just another okay song. The lyrics are okay, with pretty good lead vocals and decent melody to go along with it. The song just didnít catch my interest all that much. Iím not so familiar with The Ataris, and they didnít win me over with this attempt.

12. We Are Ė Ana - This song sounds like it could have been a hit if released as a single, and yet itís not even the best song on the album. The overall sound of the song is decent. Itís the most pop-esque song on the album, and doesnít seem to belong with the group of artists chosen for it. But, she has a pleasant voice to listen to, and the song does add a little variety to the album.

13. Someone To Die For Ė Jimmy Gnecco f/ Brian May - This is another slower song on the album. I love the lyrics and they are by far the best on this album. Gnecco tickles the ivories and sings very well as May (of Queen) gives us an excellent guitar solo.

14. Spidey Suit Ė Danny Elfman - This is a pretty cool instrumental score by Elfman. Iím not one for orchestras but this is pretty good. Itís completely out of place on this album though.

15. Doc Ock Suite Ė Danny Elfman - This sounds so much like ďSpidey SuitĒ that I didnít even notice the change in tracks. However this feels a bit darker, which makes a lot of sense since itís dealing with the villain of the film. A cool arrangement of instruments here as well, but again, itís on the wrong album.

There are mainly two problems I have with the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. The first would Danny Elfmanís scores. They didnít need to be on this album. There is an entire other album consisting of Elfman scores from the film. They were out of place here. The second problem I had was that a lot of the songs, being that they are mostly punk/emo, sounded a lot a like. The overall theme of the songs were meant to be similar, which is fine, but some of the tracks actually sounded like the same songs. Itís a good soundtrack for the film though. I tend to love soundtracks though, not just because Iím a huge movie buff, but you get variety since the albums are made up of various artist.

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