Album: Stay Tuned: This Is Only a Test
Length: 30:59
Rating: 2
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: John
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1. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood - Pretty enjoyable. It sets the tone for the rest of the album. Mr. Rogers might not approve of this cover, but I think it's rather good.

2. Alice (New Girl in Town) - Never heard this theme song before, but the cover didn't really do anything for me. Nothing spectacular.

3. Mary Tyler Moore (Love Is All Around) - My favorite old school TV theme song, but I can't say I like this cover of it. Sorry, this is just one of the songs that's on the list of songs "so perfect that there's no cover worthy of being made". I was hoping this would change my mind on that, but no.

4. Mr. Belvedere (According to Our New Arrivals) - I really, really enjoy this one. If there's any one song on the album I'll continue listening to, it's this one. I used to watch the show, but don't remember the theme song, so I can't say if it does it any justice, but this cover is a pretty kick-ass song on its own.

5. Rawhide - The Blues Brothers did a better cover. Just didn't feel this gave the theme any sort of justice. I mean this is the theme to Rawhide we're talking about here. You don't touch Rawhide unless you can do it with perfection.

6. SWAT - Pretty cool. Very groovy. Again, didn't know the original theme song, but I like this cover. All instrumental, it has a nice groove to it and I think you'll find it rather enjoyable.

7. Charles in Charge - An interesting cover of the theme of the show I probably watched the most growing up. Pretty damn good. I think it captures a lot of the appeal of the original while adding a special something to kick it up a notch. Well done.

8. Happy Days - Now here's an ultimate classic. Everyone knows this theme song. Stay Tuned decided it needed a tropical beat. I'm not so sure it was the best decision. The result is...interesting. I'm usually a big fan of beats like this, but not when the song is "Happy Days".

9. F-Troop - Love the instrumentals, vocals are pretty good. It certainly captures the soul of the original song. Overall, a pretty darn good cover.

10. The Jeffersons (Movin' on Up) - I was never a fan of the original theme song, and I'm not crazy about Stay Tuned's version either. It's not badly done or anything, just, not my cup of tea.

11. GI Joe - At first I wasn't crazy about this, but the addition of dialog and lyrics from "Wayward Son" really add something to this. I have to say I really love those parts.

12. Silver Spoons (Together) - Never even heard of this show. I had too look it up on IMDB to see what it was about. It's an appropriate song for the end of the album, and I must say it was a good choice. But as a song, musically, I'm not crazy about it.

This album is an interesting concept, but it's a little gimmicky for my tastes. The lead vocalist has a great voice, and I enjoy listening to him sing, but the fun of listening to TV theme covers generally wears off relatively quickly. I don't mean to knock what they have set out to do, I just don't think it makes for 4-star album material. This album is definitely worth a listen, but I'd rather see these guys live than pick up their CD.

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