Album: Sub Motive: Chasing Memories
Street Date: July 2, 2005
Length: 45:40
Rating: 4
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Renda
Official site: Sub Motive Band

I saw Sub Motive live at a local arts and music festival, and from the very beginning of the highly entertaining show I was hooked. The vocals and instrumental work are unbelievable, and I had to have the CD immediately. After hearing the CD I can't believe the quality of the disc and the amazing production. As a fan of local music I have become accustomed to getting good music with a shoddy recording quality when I buy a local disc, but I was shocked by the good quality of this CD. It is a must have album for anyone, and I fully expect to see these guys rise to the national level very quickly.

1. One Shot - The CD starts with a good, but simple rock song. The song is entertaining, enjoyable, and easy to listen to. A very solid guitar solo during the bridge brings the song from Pop-Rock radio fodder to a respectable and solid song.

2. Letting Go - One of the best rock songs on the record with superb and catchy vocals, and driven by the guitar riffs. Lyrically the song steps out of the Pop radio trap of either being angst driven or a love song.

3. In the Midst of it All - One of the strongest pieces of this song is the vocal work, and when combined with flawless instrumental work it creates a strong and engaging rock song.

4. A Loss For Words - This is a beautiful song, and with the intro being the first slower paced sample on the CD I was taken at the sheer simplicity of the vocal guitar interaction. Although it speeds up by the first round of the chorus it maintains its simplicity and character.

5. Colliding Minds - If the quality of the songs and vocal work on this album were not so finely executed there would be the possibility that Sub Motive would be just another Pop-Punk band. However, the quality and precision of the music drives this CD above and beyond cookie cutter Pop. Such is the case in "Colliding Minds", this song has the potential to fall short but instead is a highly entertaining rock song.

6. Never Turning Back - A quick and heavy rock song with melodic vocals. There is hardly anything to say when song after song on a record is pure gold, and this is completely the case with "Chasing Memories".

7. Once Again - This song takes a little turn from the rock sound that has driven the rest of the album, and although they can do an absolutely beautiful ballad (which is proven later in the album) "Once Again" falls slightly short. Something about the blues sound to the song doesn't quite work for me, but even with that said it's not worth skipping when listening to the album.

8. Rock-n-Roll Band - The band jumps right back into the rock with this song. A cute and guitar driven song with excellent vocal work. Even if it's not the strongest song on the album, it's fun and likable.

9. Miss You - This is the first genuine ballad on the CD, and between the piano and vocals this song is powerfully beautiful. This is the one song that jumped out at me on the first listen through of the CD. A stunning love song that has a good beat and a endearing message. I fully expect this to hear this song in no time on radios across the nation.

10. Save Yourself - As far as the upbeat songs on the record go, I have to say this is my favorite one. Although not a hard as some of the other ones on the album between the vocals, message, and piano this song is perfect. The message of the song is the exact opposite of many of the angst driven pop-punk bands dominating the airwaves today with "Of all the things worth living for your family should mean so much more, but you throw it all away…. And all we ever wanted was for you to save yourself and save us from this hell." I appreciate what the message of the song is trying to do, by putting young listeners into a position to be responsible for their own actions, while concealing it in a beautiful song.

11. Hear Me Now - A nice catchy rock song, but unlike so many other songs on the record there is nothing all that spectacular to say about this song. This is one of the most generic songs on the album, but still good in it's own respect.

12. Through Her Eyes - As much as I love "Save Yourself" and "Miss You", "Through Her Eyes" is by far the best song on the whole CD. Beautiful piano work paired with emotional vocals make this song make absolutely flawless. A beautiful and emotional way to end the CD, and while I can appreciate the fact that the band can write an awesome rock song this song has quickly become my favorite.

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