Album: Charlotte Thistle: A Girl With A Guitar
Street Date: 2005
Length: 33:06
Rating: 4
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Renda
Official site:

1. So Blue - Simple and stunning vocal and guitar work are what Charlotte's work is all about, and in "So Blue" she shows off both flawlessly. She takes us on an emotional journey through the use of anecdotal colors, and creates a ethereal otherworld with her music and lyrics.

2. Reluctant Bride - With a catchy folk beat Charlotte looks at a young girl who is someone forced to become someone's "Reluctant Bride". "She tells herself that she's doing it for the family. She tells herself that she's doing it for the child." The song is a tough look at choices that people are forced to make, why they make them, and the consequences all beautifully executed with a backing harmonica.

3. Semper Fi - This song starts off with haunting a capella vocals, and slowly the guitar begins to back up her story of a wounded marine. This song strikes a chord with all of us as Americans, and although it is quite against the Iraq War it is a beautiful song that raises many valid questions about the use of war at all.

4. Heroin - Chronicling the story of a young girl's descent into the dark and twisted world of heroin abuse this song is haunting. Charlotte's vocals are passionate and transfigure the feelings of the girl into something that leaves an impression while throwing the issue into our faces.

5. Mommy, Why? - This song takes a departure from the acoustic guitar, and focuses on piano and vocal. The song makes quite a statement with Charlotte's voice is made to be overly childish asking why sexuality is a taboo topic of conversation while war is on the television every night.

6. What a Girl's Got to Do - A pretty song that tackles the issues of what puts girl's in the position to do the things that they do, and where to go from where they are now. Although this song could be brushed off as "feminist" song, it is still a beautiful relevant song.

7. Blame - This beautiful song is a completely acapella song with Carisa Meisner. The vocals are beautiful and powerful. In the folk tradition this is another song that raises a lot of powerful questions about war and the use of force.

8. Danny - This is such a sweet song. Once again Carisa Meisner is on backing vocals, and the two women's voices blend together beautifully. The lyrics deal with the loss of contact with a loved one, and "don't you wonder how I am?"

9. Final Ascent - This is a completely instrumental song that involves a lot of people working together, including Artis the Spoonman (of Soundgarden's "Spoonman" fame) on Spoon Chimes. The song is in tribute to Charlotte's friend Nancy K. Innis who passed away in 2004. It's a beautiful song driven by the harmonica.

10. Alchemy - This is one of my favorite tracks on the CD. It's otherworldly vocals mixed with the haunting guitar are a great way to end the album.

I strongly recommend this CD for anyone who is a fan of acoustic guitar, female vocalists, or folk music. Through her strong vocals and convictions Charlotte has out together a beautiful album that I can't stop listening to. For more information and to order the CD visit .

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