Trading Yesterday

TY Album: Trading Yesterday: More Than This
Street Date: shelved permanently
Leaked: December 2006
Length: 58:16
Reviewed by: Andrew

1. Revolution - In the first 30 seconds of this song, Trading Yesterday gives us a glimpse at what we will be experiencing for the next hour. Vocalist David Hodges introduces the song with the line "Open up my eyes to dreams that should have died. I was made for more than this," making Revolution the title track to an album about desperation, hope, love, and faith. The song revolution is about being a "voice" beyond the "lies" no matter what it takes; being the light in the darkness, even if it takes your life. Through the piano, vocal melodies, the dramatic bridge, and pulsating guitar and drums in this song, we're given a sense of hope and excitement that will lead us into the emotional journey of the rest of the album.

2. One Day - This song begins with an acoustic guitar and builds into a dramatic light-rock symphony of hope and desperation for love. "I'll wait for your love," the beautiful line that soars into the closing moments of this song, can give you chills. The upbeat feel and David's soaring vocals make this song a highlight for the album.

3. She Is The Sunlight - A beautiful expression of love. This song portrays a powerful love that is willing to withstand anything. The simple acoustic guitar, backed by light piano and strings makes the beginning of this song raw and beautiful. As the intensity builds through the second verse, they lead us into the bridge where the drums kick in and carry us through the last half of the song. A highlight for me in this song is David's amazing use of vocal ad-lib, where a simple "la da da" on top of amazing string arrangements, guitars, piano, and drums lead us into his final words, "she is the sunlight, and the sun is gone." Not only is this a beautiful love ballad, but it ends with a powerful piano/string arrangement that, if the song didn't do it, can bring tears to your eyes.

4. Under My Skin - Another song of hope and desperation. A common theme that appears through this album many times is the concept of faith and renewal. The song begins with drums and a slightly distorted guitar. Once again, David's vocals soar in this song.

5. May I - Another love ballad, and truly beautiful one at that. The powerful lyrics in this song express a desire to be a comfort for someone when they need love. This song can bring anyone to tears. The chorus is simply amazing and the strings in the bridge leave me wanting more. One thing found notable in this song are the background vocals. I truly think they are magical. I also found the key-change into the last chorus very dramatic and extremely effective. Again, David ends with vocal ad-lib, where in a simple repetition of "yeah yeah yeah" you truly feel his emotion.

6. My Last Goodbye - I absolutely love this song. It's about walking away before it's too late. I really love David's line "I'm letting go," and the reverb/delay used to make it more intense. Another thing i found really effective is when the instrumental cuts out at the start of the last chorus and then comes back in, giving it one last burst of energy. However, I was left disappointed with the ending, which I thought could've done something besides fade out.

7. Love Song Requiem - The song starts with a slow and highly-effected drum loop, haunting piano and strings. David's soft vocals in the first verse immediately draw your attention. As the music builds, you wonder where this song can possibly take you, and suddenly the music stops, and cymbal rolls into the first instance of the chorus, where more strings kick in. This song wins the prize for most beautiful lyrics and melody in a chorus. David's ethereal background vocals, and the haunting string arrangement carry us through to the very last moment in the song.

8. Come Back To Me - David shows us his higher range in this song, and it's still just as amazing as the others. This song reminds me of a scene from a movie where a couple is split up and in separate places looking the opposite direction, but they're really thinking about each other. This song isn't necessarily a strong point in the album, but it's definitely a great track.

9. For You Only - If you heard this song on the previous album, The Beauty and the Tragedy, you knew it as that slow, two-minute paino/vocal song that really didn't do much. It was a humble little song that ended the album. However, on More Than This, it is probably one of the strongest and most powerful songs on the entire album. The soft verses lead into one of the most powerful choruses I have ever heard in a song. When I first heard this song it completely blew me away. The simplicity in the lyrics backed by pure emotion in the vocals and instrumental make this song one of the best songs the band has ever made. One of the best parts of this song is the last minute of strings and piano, which seam to bring back memories of David's contributions to Evanescence on their debut album Fallen.

10. World On Fire - I've always enjoyed this song, even on the previous album and on "The Light" soundtrack. Definitely one of my favorites. The direct religious references in this song make it even more powerful for those of the same faith. I personally love this song and find it an extremely uplifting reminder that there's more than what we're going through. The passion in the vocals and the music is absolutely beautiful. The power and passion in song can definitely be appreciated by anybody, even of different faith.

11. Change My Name - The thing I love most about this song is the lyrics. The music is relatively simple and light but the lyrics say a lot. I definitely see the spiritual references in this song as well. It appears to be a cry out to be made new, similar to Under My Skin. "Because the pain defining me is holding me lifeless, so I am waiting patiently for you to change my name." ---very powerful lyrics that really say a lot. I really like this song.

12. The Beauty and the Tragedy - The familiar tune and title track to their previous album. I've never found this song to be one of my favorites, but I definitely enjoy it. I think once again, the simplicity and lack of heavy, flashy instrumentals makes this one beautiful. The strings in this song are definitely an asset, and the lyrics, especially in the chorus, make this song one of the deepest in meaning.

13. Shattered - The best way to end an album like this---end with the most intense musical moment ever created. This song begins with a light acoustic guitar. David's soft vocals take control of the music as light strings and piano make their way into the mix. When the two verses conclude, a simple and beautiful piano moment takes over. David begins singing the most deep, spiritual, emotional, and powerful lyrics found in the entire album. The music continues to build as his lyrics get more and more intense. Before you know it, the music has built to an eruption of guitars, strings, piano, and wailing background vocals that create the most amazing musical moment I've ever heard on an album. The moment concludes with words "...and His love will conquer all" and then returns to the simple acoustic guitar, softly closing out the album with the line: "yesterday I died, tomorrow's bleeding---fall into your sunlight."

Overall, I was completely blown away by this album. There is so much emotion driving each song, and instrumentally and vocally it is phenomenal. If you can get your hands on this music, I definitely recommend it. It's some of the best I've ever heard.

Editor's note: There was a 2 year battle with Sony to get this album released. Unfortunantly it has been permanently shelved and thus can not be bought anywhere. However in December 2006 the album did leak to the net and can be found on many peer-to-peer file sharing programs. We do not endorse such illegal file sharing of music in which the masters are still owned by the record label.
The band's debut CD The Beauty & The Tragedy is however available to buy online and if you wish to support the band, this is the best possible way.

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