Album: Truce: When Silence Falls
Street Date: Fall 2004
Length: 49:57
Rating: 2
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Kevin
Official site:

I saw Truce play in Bellingham recently. I honestly wasn't overly impressed. Several times during the show the frontman pointed out that they had free CD-Rs available. So my friend and I both grabbed a copy not really knowing what to expect but figured it would be worth a try.

1. West Of Here
2. Blind By Red
3. Patience Is Waiting
4. Sunset Blvd
5. Adoration In Playback
6. Allow Me One Regret
7. Struggle Within
8. Through These Lies
9. Drown Your Doubts
10. Waiting For The Break
11. Demand To Feel
12. Separate
13. The Closing

Upon first listen it's easy to write them off as pop/punk tripe, carbon copy of Yellowcard. The first several songs on the CD go a long ways to supporting this image. It isn't until track 6 "Allow Me One Regret" that you get a break from the mindnumbing sound for a slower track with a hint of real potential. It's about the only redeeming track on the CD.

The song they are offering up as a single is "Through These Lies" which is probably a good choice for a single because for the most part it has the same sound as the rest of the album. The presence of the Seattle indie music scene comes through a little bit more here than on the others. It's pretty much good straight forward rock.

There's 2 tracks on this CD that really made me wonder why. On the songs "Waiting For The Break" and "Demand To Feel" the lead singer starts including some heavy metal screams that just confuse more than anything.

Clearly this album isn't for everyone. But as we can see from the mainstream music scene, there are plenty of Top-40-teenagers that would love Truce. The album is well produced, so if you liked this type of whiney/punk music and you were to buy this album, you would get your money's worth.

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