Vindaloo Album: Vindaloo: Diary of a Traveling Salesman
Street Date: June 15, 2005
Length: 51:33
Rating: 35
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Kevin
Official Site:

1. Diary Of A Traveling Salesman - The title track opens with a beautiful guitar riff then drops tempo for the first verse. Once the chorus kicks in you're rocking once again. Enjoyable indie rock beat.

2. Fires Electric - A much heavier tone here including multiple vocal layers and screaming toward the end. The metal heads would like it.

3. Paid In Full - The mood changes a lot here. A dark Black Sabbath style epic. The spoken word at the end gets pretty intense.

4. Mocking - "Iím done mocking!" This is one of the better tracks on the CD. They still manage to work in some heavy elements, but it's kept in control. Really well done. There is a false end to the song with a minute and a half revisit to the chorus.

5. Looks - It's not a Carole King cover of "I Fell The Earth Move", but you would think it might be the way it starts and sounds throughout.

6. Suffer For Now - A nice slow tempo ballad. There are no strings credited on the CD so I can only assume they are synth. But they sure sound real enough.

7. Zombie Love Song - Nice blend into "Zombie Love Song". Basically a straight forward rock song. First real guitar solo of note on the album. Some impressive work there.

8. I Know - FAST delivery of lyrics. Spittin' out verse after verse. Only slowing down for a brief chorus consisting of "I know".

9. Professional - Honestly not one of the better tracks. They've already proved early on the album what to expect from the band, this feels like a big step backwards. The voice at the beginning and end basically proving that point. Like a demo that made it onto the CD. I'm sure they thought it was fun to include on the CD, but it could backfire on them too.

10. Eccentric - A pretty good rock song, several guitar layers really keep the song going.

11. Stuck In A Rut - One of the more lyrically interesting tracks on the CD. "Ah make a list, of all of your troubles, admit your incompetent. Then devour all of your failures cause youíre stuck. ...we're all stuck, stuck in a rut."

12. Swing On The Devil's Toe - Another fast delivery with a vocal layer yelling "YEAH!" Basically a fun rock song to wrap the album up with.

It's pretty easy to spot the influences from Black Sabbath to early 90's Metallica. To anyone interested in the hard rock side of the Seattle music scene, I would definitely recommend these guys.

LISTER: "Of course. Lager! The only thing that can kill a vindaloo!"

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