Album: Matt Wertz - Twentythree Places
Street Date: October 5th, 2004
Length: 38:18
Rating: 3.5stars
From: Kansas City, MO
Reviewed by: Joey

I had heard about Matt Wertz. I previewed some of his songs and decided tio be Twentythree Places, the sophomore album for Matt Wertz, Kansas City indie artist. The cool thing about the Cd is the booklet has the lyrics and the date the song was written, which I think is cool. His music sounds like Tyler Hilton and Ryan Cabrera with a hint of blues.

1. The Day Forever Died - A great opening track. The beginning of the second verse is hot. It's your basic rock/pop song, sounding a lot like Ryan Cabrera. His voice is really strong and the track is hot. The production on this CD is just amazing.

2. Marianne - One of the best songs on the album, this is one of the songs featured on his MySpace. Rightfully so, the song is tight and the production is just perfect. The lyrics aren't the best, but Matt makes up for it in one of the coolest guitar riffs. The dude is really talented. This song could be released on the radio right now and would do really well. It's nice and short and has a pop appeal. If that makes sense.

3. Everything's Right - This isn't my favorite song on the CD... it kind of sounds like a lot of his other songs. The lyrics are cool, such as "Nostalgia's thick as the August air". That's one of Wertz's strong points. He writes lyrics really well. His lyrics are unique, but kind of remind me of Tyler Hilton. This song is not a highlight, but still a good listen.

4. Red Meets Blue - This kind of sounds like John Mayer. Definitely has some hints of Blues with a good electric piano riff. The lyrics are kind of vague and have you thinking what he's thinking. The chorus kind of sounds awkward, but overall the song is a good one. Not a highlight of the album, again, but still a cool song with good lyrics.

5. Counting to 100 - This is one of my favorite tracks on the whole CD. I don't know what it is. Everything just seems perfect. The lyrics, the guitar riff, the vocals. The song is about Matt trying to find the right person. The chorus is so awesome. One of the top three tracks on the album, definitely.

6. That For You - "I'll never make your broken heart begin to beat" Ahh, he writes so well. The song starts awesome and doesn't stop from there. The production is cool. The verse starts off slow and the chorus is really upbeat and cool. The song has lyrics that I can really relate to, so I enjoy it more than others might.

7. All I Know - This isn't a jaw dropping song, but it's still a solid track. Not a highlight, lyrically or vocally. Reminds me of Tyler Hilton, almost. The writing is good and the production is good, but it's kind of a boring song, to be honest.

8. Wesley, Why? - This is a heartfelt song about a friend who died too early. It's not my favorite song, but it's a really emotional song and you can hear it in his voice. I like the violin and the, I think, banjo (maybe it''s a mandolin... aren't I smart?). It's definitely a track that stands out, even though it's not a highlight vocally or writing-wise.

9. Sweetness in Starlight - Kind of a slow, boring song. It's not even slow as in it would make a good slow dance. It loses your attention about 30 seconds in. The chorus is kind of cheesy, with the background vocals and such. Definitely not a highlight.

10. Wade Through The Night - After Sweetness in Starlight, this song is a really upbeat song that shows definite Jazz roots. This song is a really cool song. The lyrics are kind of weird and metaphoric and they almost sound dirty : "Tracin' your outline against the sky, connecting the dots between you and I". The song is fun, a solid track.

11. Falling off the Face of the Earth - The song is a good, slow song. It's a good song to listen to before you go to bed because it will put you to sleep. That may sound bad, but the lyrics are really cool. 'Waving goodbye is so hard without hello". His voice sounds really vulnerable and raw in the song and I love tracks like that. It's flaws make it better.

Final Thoughts:
This is a good indie CD. If you like Ryan Cabrera, Tyler Hilton, Jason Mraz, people like that, then you'll probably like Matt Wertz. His sound isn't too distinct, but the CD is worth the money. I would like to add that I am psyched because I might get to go to a private concert for his rep team in July.

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