Ryewire Album: Ryewire: Knockdown
Street Date: November 17, 2005
Length: 48:24
Rating: 4
From: Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Kevin
Official Site:

I saw Ryewire live some time ago, and I was really impressed with their sound, enough to pick up a copy of their CD These Days, only to be very disappointed by what I heard. In the time that has passed since that first CD was made, the guitarist left and a new guitarist named Keefe joined the band. Keefe was playing when I saw them live which explained why the amazing sound I heard that night did not match that first CD. They have since reentered the studio to record this new album Knockdown.

1. Wallflower - Edgy rock track starts the CD off the right way. Vocals could have been a little more intense, but it does get more intense as the song goes on so it works out quite well.

2. Reunion - A beautiful song about childhood memories and teenage emotions. There is a false end to the song where it kicks back into it. I don't know if that was necessary or not.

3. Knockdown - The title track is really quite heavy. The vocals here are similar to Chris Cornell, and a quick guitar part in the middle of the track sounds like it came from "Indian Outlaw". The spoken word section at the end really adds a creepy edge to the song.

4. No Holiday - An older song from Ryewire reworked for this new album. It's good but it doesn't stand out much within the album.

5. She's A Life - This is a very raw track, and the lyrics really hit me. You can almost hear how stripped down the song originally was, and then as the song goes on, layers of depth have been added to the track. My favorite on the album!

6. Stage Lights - Two parts to the song. The first verse is about stepping out on stage, perhaps it's performance anxiety, but it doesnt really fit with the rest of the song with is a unique twisted love situation. That girl you fall for that doesn't feel the same. "I don't wanna play a big part in your heart, I wanna be the other lover, just another sucker falling in love."

7. Getaway Car - Hop in your car and just drive, and the things that run through your mind while on the road. The feeling like you gotta escape. The music on the track fits the theme perfectly.

8. Table - Sitting alone, thinking back to how things changed and why she's gone. It's a harsh truth.

9. Always Too Good - A blues driven acoustic ballad. The song is a defined break in the album, might have been better placed as a hidden track.

10. Kiss - A fast tempo song about falling in love too easily. "I tell you that I love you, you don't believe it's true, but maybe you will, some other day."

11. The Man That Can't Forget - Dwelling on a girl that's gone. She's tried to move on and make things better. There is a lot of pain conveyed in the lyrics.

12. People Like Me - A jaded look at the nightlife, encounters on the dance floor.

This CD blew me away from track 1, all the way through. The band has come a long way, and with this album, have established the right sound with the right mix. The music was so well crafted, there was a great deal of time and effort put into the details. This is one of the best Seattle rock albums I've come across. Visit MySpace Music: Ryewire to hear more.
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